First: Find or Create a Pool

You can discover a pool in a couple of ways:

  1. By invite
  2. By exploring Besure

If you can’t find the protection you’re looking for, you can always create your own pool! As a host, you can:

  1. Suggest a pool.
  2. Have us create it for you.
  3. Invite friends, family, co-workers, etc.
  4. Open it up to the public or keep it private.

We find that user created pools work really well because of the pre-existing connection and sense of community.

Next: Join the pool of your choice.

We’ve developed a currency that can be used in any pool on our portal. As soon as you join a pool, your funds are converted to this currency and used to join. These credits can be redeemed for cash any time you’d like to make a withdrawal.


Followed by:

  1. Creating your profile.
  2. Joining the pool.
  3. Satisfying the pool requirements/details about what you’re protecting.
  4. Connecting with your community
  5. Adding to it by sharing through email and social media.

Making Claims

Risk-sharing means the claims process is:

  1. Member inspired.
  2. Member facilitated.

Every claim is adjudicated (voted on) by a group of jurors that either volunteer or are randomly appointed (if there are less than 12 in a public pool.) Who better to make an assessment than the experts. People like you! A snowboarder is better educated on snowboarding than a cold-hating adjuster, right? All jurors do is make sure that the claimant has met the pool requirements, provided the right type of evidence and click approve!

… and FINALLY:

  1. You can join as many pools as you want.
  2. A pool needs a certain amount of members to activate coverage, so share often!
  3. If a pool isn’t activated, your credits are always refunded to you.
  4. Once a pool’s coverage period has lapsed, all leftover funds are distributed back to its members.

How much better will it feel when the things that are important to you are protected? It takes under five minutes and a few bucks to get rolling. You can Besure of that!

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