Besure is simply a platform that facilitates self insurance relationships between community members. Members choose to contribute to their communities voluntarily.

The bylaws, terms of use, or pool descriptions/requirements do not constitute an insurance policy. Whether you receive any money from the community for your costs, or whether or not besure continues to operate, you remain, at all times liable for your own bills.

This is not a legally binding agreement to reimburse you for costs you incur, but an opportunity to participate in a cost-sharing arrangement with like-minded individuals when certain needs arise, and when you are in need, to present your expenses to other community members. All monetary contributions you receive will come directly from community members and not from besure.


As besure pools are created for and operated entirely by its membership, to ensure their effective operation these members must show a duty of care towards one another. For this reason, we have created the following summary of important responsibilities and duties:

  1. Treat fellow members on besure with respect. There should be no threats, discrimination, bullying, etc. on the platform.
  2. Have only 1 account (per person). And use a primary e-mail address that you check regularly.
  3. Provide only accurate information. This includes using your real name and a true profile photo of yourself.
  4. Do not spam other members.
  5. Do not advertise or attempt to sell third party products/services (unless you have your community’s permission first).
  6. Do not setup a bot or script.
  7. Do not submit fraudulent claims. We reserve the right to remove anyone suspected of scamming the community.
  8. Do not deactivate your account if you are a member of an ongoing pool (especially if you are a member of its jury).
  9. As a juror, give yourself ample time to review claims honestly and completely.
  10. As a juror, request further clarification or additional information from a claimant if needed.
  11. t the very least, submit all evidence relating to a claim.
  12. Submit claims within the month in which the damage/loss occurred, unless otherwise indicated in the pool details.
  13. Submit claims as early as possible after the event to give the community court jurors enough time to properly review it.
  14. Read the pool details and requirements carefully before joining.
  15. Understand the privacy policy and terms of use, and regularly check for updates to both legal documents.
  16. Documents/photos/videos uploaded as evidence should be recent (within 3 months of pool join date).
  17. Juror identity and individual votes should be kept private and anonymous.
  18. Do not share or download the personal documents of other users.
  19. Blackout/redact confidential information (unrelated to the claim) from uploaded documents (i.e. credit card numbers and imprints, government identification numbers, etc.).
  20. Understand how besure works before joining a pool (i.e. watch the videos and read the relevant material).
  21. Remember that all community court decisions in a pool are final. There is no legal recourse outside of the community court. No member may appeal a decision in a court of law.
  22. The pool cost is for “one right to claim”. Submitting a claim spends that right. So only claim when it is absolutely necessary. Remember, few or no claims in a pool means money-back for the community.
  23. Claim Evidence should not be reused, unless absolutely necessary.
  24. Respect the ownership of images/videos and other copyrighted content, and do not share items that you don’t have permission to.
  25. Understand that all approved claims are entirely paid from the pool funds. Therefore, claims will be proportionately reduced if there happen to be more claims than expected.
  26. Keep an eye out for besure e-mails (including in your junk folder), and/or check your member alerts regularly (especially if you’re a juror).

Date of Last Revision: January 15, 2017

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