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The concept of insurance was designed to help people get peace of mind by offering them security. A safety net IF something were to go wrong such as an accident, a break in, a sudden illness, or worse.

Insurance has done a great job taking care of these “big things.” But what about the smaller things, like your SMARTPHONE, your GLASSES, or your favourite GUITAR?

Many of these items are not protected for loss or damage by traditional insurance and even if it is, you risk premium hikes and deductibles that are higher than the item’s value.

Let’s say your guitar got stolen or you dropped your iPhone. You may not have the funds to replace that guitar right away and maybe your Apple Care has expired. The deductible and premium hike would be too expensive for the guitar and there is no coverage for a shattered screen.

There is no protection for situations like these and they apply to so many different areas of our lives.

We have developed a portal that helps people like the guitarists and the iPhone users come together in “pools” and chip in for protection they can’t really get anywhere else for just a few dollars a month.


These pools are created, populated and adjudicated (claims approvals) by community members. And here’s the best part:

Any funds left over after coverage has ended are returned to the members.

We believe that the more security you’re provided, the more freedom you have to live creatively, confidently and passionately. And that to us, is true peace of mind.

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