How do I submit a claim?

You've already suffered enough, and we don't want to add to it. That's why we designed the claim submission process to be as pain free as possible. To get started, you'll click the "Submit Claim" button in your pool's details box. This will take you to the 3-Step Claim Submission Form. In Step 1, called "Explanation," you are prompted to input the amount of your claim, select the date on which the loss/damage/incident occurred, and to inform the jury of your peers (via the "What Happened" statement) of the loss you've suffered and to provide any details. Step 2, called "Evidence," is where you can upload the pool's specified claim requirement evidence (documents, pictures, or pictures of documents) with ease. Since claims are personal and sometimes emotional, please don't feel limited by what is required in Steps 1 & 2. If you have something to say, include it in the statement. Please note that all uploaded evidence is stored securely and will only be temporarily viewable by the Community Court. However, to preserve the highest degree of safety, you should redact any personal information from documents and pictures that you don't want made available to the Community Court.

How do I get started?

Poke around the website and see if you find any pools you would like to join. If you find one, make a profile, upload any required joining documents/pictures and boom, you're in! If you don't see any pools you would like to join but have a great idea, suggest a pool.

How is Besure different from an insurance company?

Besure is not an insurance company, agent or broker. In fact, it was inspired by the experiences of those ignored or under-served by the insurance industry. Besure is a community driven platform that leverages the power of social media to bring family, friends and like-minded people together to collectively protect what matters most to them. Through risk-sharing pools born from common passions or needs, Besure provides a fresh alternative to the traditional insurance model by empowering individuals within the rising sharing economy to cover conceivably anything so long as an interest for it exists. Best of all, there is no external involvement in the operations of a Besure pool. As a true social insurance platform, all members of a pool must share the same risks, have contributed equally, and have agreed to the same terms of use and pool bylaws. Therefore, if someone does not share the same financial and moral interest as the community to see the group empowered to successfully self-insure, they cannot join the pool or have a say in its claims decision-making process. This takes the power (originally held by faceless corporations) and places it where it belongs: in the hands of those with the most to lose and the greatest understanding of the risks, the people exposed to them. Our platform puts the community in total control of every aspect of the claim adjudication process. Who better to review your broken guitar claim than fellow musicians?

Besure is not in the business of selling or underwriting insurance, nor are we backed by an insurance company. We provide the platform and technology to facilitate community risk-sharing. Community coverage on Besure is backed entirely by the number of contributions in a pool. If the claims happen to exceed the contributions in the pool, the payments are proportioned and paid from the pooled amount. And if no claims are made, or if funds remain within the community pool, Besure's philosophy is (and will always be) to return that money back to the community. Besure makes sure the community always comes first.

How does Besure make money?

Besure requires no paid subscription to use. Only after a pool has been funded and launched, Besure holds 10% of that specific pool's funds for administration of the platform. We build the fee into all costs, so a member need not worry about any additional charges from Besure.

What is Besure and how does it work?

Besure is a bold and smart new way to protect the most important parts of your life. We all know life brings unexpected twists and hurdles. Your beloved pup needs expensive veterinary care. Your prized camera, the one you saved up for months or years to buy, is left on top of the car. Your portable device, with all its irreplaceable information - not to mention a few killer playlists - goes hurtling down the stairs. Besure helps you proactively guard against those types of surprises through community risk sharing - the coming together of like-minded individuals who value protecting the same things you do. Together, with your Besure community, you can participate directly and cooperatively in "self-insurance". Ultimately, it's the teamwork, support, and the spreading of risk between pool members that makes Besure work. To learn more, click the video below:

What kind of items or events do besure members cover?

We all have something we're passionate about protecting. And as long as someone else shares that same passion, it can be protected on besure. The sky is the limit and we expect you will be far more creative than we ever imagined! From bicycles and gadgets, to deductibles and down-time, to lost socks and alien invasions, we can't wait to hear your ingenious ideas. Have an idea for coverage you want?

What is "risk sharing"?

Risk sharing on besure is the act of spreading the burden of a negative event among a community, so that no individual need take on a worst case scenario by themselves. When tragedy strikes, the loss it leaves behind can take many forms. A risk sharing pool is a "we're all in it together" support system in place to protect the community from whatever form the burden takes. The affected individual can lean on their peers for emotional support, advice, or ask the community for financial help (by submitting a claim).

For risk sharing to work, all members of a pool must embrace the same risks. This is why each community pool is made up of people who share the same interest or need to protect against the same loss or event. For example, a pool that protects snowboards would be made up of snowboarders (all of whom have embraced the risks associated with being a snowboarder). It's the unspoken bond, the common understanding and the experiences of those who share a passion or need (in this case, "Shreddin' the Gnar") that makes besure really work. By coming together, and pooling both their finances and unique know-how, each member is able to participate directly and cooperatively in their personal risk management. Community risk sharing certainly lessens an individual's financial burden, but it may also reduce the overall chance of negative events occurring as member knowledge (experiences, skills, and life hacks) becomes communal knowledge.

When can I submit a claim?

You should submit your claim as soon as possible following your incident or loss. However, claims must be submitted in the month in which they occurred (with a deadline of 2 days past the end of the month).

What happens if my pool does not have enough money to cover all of the claims?

Pool contributions are determined using actuarial experts to minimize the situation where claims exceed pool funds, but there is a possibility that sometimes these circumstances may arise. If a pool doesn't have enough money to cover all of its approved claims, then every member's claim amount is proportionally reduced. For example:

Say your pool has $1,000 in funds after administrative fees have been deducted, and the pool's maximum coverage amount is $200. This means that the pool can pay up to five claims at maximum amount ($1,000/$200=5). If the pool ends up having 10 claims of $200 each for a total of $2,000 and all are approved by the community court, then each claimant will receive a 50% reduction ($1000/$2000 = 1/2) in their claim amount. In this case, the 10 approved claimants would each receive $100. Since there is no money remaining in the pool after the $1000 in funds has been distributed, the remaining pool members would not receive a refund.

How will I know if another community pool member files a claim?

Each pool page has a Claims tab. This is where you'll be able to see who in your pool has submitted a claim and read their "What Happened" statements. You will also be able to see whether the claims have been approved or denied by the Community Court. Note that, unless you're a juror, further access to a member's submitted claim packet will not be available for review.

I replaced my covered item for personal reasons (and did not make a claim). Will the pool now cover my new item for the remainder of the coverage period?

If the pool is linked to the coverage of a specific item, person or pet, then it will only cover the original item, person or pet. This information will be outlined in the pool description and by nature of the evidence requirements. For example, if you are covering your snowboard, then only the snowboard which was presented as evidence upon joining will be covered by the pool.

However, there may be pools that cover non-specific items or events. In these cases, new or multiple items may be covered by the pool. For example, if you're covering damage to your self-made Darth Vader Comic-Con costume, then the addition of new elements (i.e. lightsaber) to it for the event could still be covered. Details as to coverage will be found in the pool description and requirements.

Is there a maximum monetary figure a pool member can submit as part of the claims process?

The number referred to as the pool's coverage amount is the maximum monetary figure that can be claimed. This figure is specific to each pool, and can be easily found on a pool's display card and in its details box.

When do the claims get paid?

Approved claims are paid 6 - 8 days after the end of the month.

How many claims can I make?

A pool's cost gains you the right to make one claim submission during its coverage period. Therefore, it is very important that claims only be made when a significant loss occurs. Whether approved or denied, once a "right to claim" has been exhausted you will be unable to make another claim in the pool.

What do I do after I submit a claim?

After you submit a claim, its fate rests in the capable hands of your pool's Community Court. These are members that share your same passion, have encountered the same risks, and quite possibly know exactly what you're currently experiencing with the loss. If support or advice is what you need, do not hesitate to reach out and communicate with your fellow pool members. It never hurts to build deeper connections and to take advantage of the abundance of free advice and knowledge that besure communities offer.

How do I pay my pool contribution?

During the process of joining a pool, you will be prompted to pay the pool contribution amount (also known as the pool cost). Besure currently uses Paypal as our payment portal, and the actual transaction will occur via their platform. 

Are there any transaction costs associated with making my contribution?

Yes. Our current transaction fee via Paypal is 2.9% + $0.40 per transaction.We are always looking for new ways to help our fellow besurers save money, and we'll update the site as we add new partners or specialized rates.

What happens if there is money left in a pool?

Money back! All pool members who have not claimed or who have been denied their claim will share whatever money is left in the pool (after claims have been paid). Those who have already received pool funds in a claim do not qualify for the leftover refund.

In which currency are the contributions and/or refunds paid?

All transactions are paid in Canadian dollars. Canadian dollars will be converted to your local currency via Paypal.

What are the requirements for joining a pool?

All members of a pool share the same risks, contribute equally,and agree to the same terms of use and pool bylaws.Therefore, if you have no interest(financial, moral, etc.) in seeing the community empowered to successfully self - insure then you cannot join a pool.

To join a pool, you will first need to be a member of besure. It is free to Sign Up and supremely simple to do so. Becoming a member will affirm that you accept the platform's terms of use, privacy policy, and bylaws.

Once you've found a pool that has peaked your interest, your profile details will need to match the traits required to join that specific pool. For example, if you are 27 years old but the pool you're attempting to join has been limited to those over 65, then you'll be unable to join this particular pool. An error message will be displayed if the required traits restrict your access to the pool.

All that's left then is to upload any required join evidence documents (which are pool specific), pay the contribution amount, and relax until the pool's launch date since you will have officially joined a besure pool.

If the pool's minimum membership number is met by the end of the joining phase, the pool will launch and the coverage begins.

What happens if not enough people join a pool I've signed up for?

If the minimum number of members hasn't been met, the pool won't launch (meaning the coverage period will never begin). If this happens, you will not be charged the contribution amount. We refer to these unfilled pools as having stalled. These stalled out pools are archived for learning purposes and are publicly searchable for those interested. Based on member feedback and suggestions, we may resurrect these pool ideas again (...with minor changes, of course).

Can I communicate with other besure members?

Absolutely. Currently, you can communicate publicly with other members through your pool's Community Vibes section. Besure is a social platform, so rest assured that we will continually be adding new features that will keep you connected to the diverse communities on besure.

How much does it cost to join a pool?

As each pool creation on besure is unique, so too must be the cost. A pool's cost (also known as the contribution amount) will be prominently displayed on its display card and in its pool details box as seen in the example below:

Can I leave a pool after it has started?

Once a pool has launched, all its member contributions are locked into the pool for the duration of the coverage period. Removing pool funds at this point could negatively impact member coverage. For this reason, you cannot withdraw your pool contribution once the coverage period has started.

Before a pool launches, however, members can leave at any time(by clicking the "Leave Pool" button in the pool details box). Doing so will automatically credit your account.

Where can I see how much coverage time is remaining?

Length of coverage is another parameter that is unique to a pool. You can find it prominently displayed on a pool's display card and in its pool details box (as seen in the example below). Currently, coverage on besure starts on the first day of a month and ends on the last day of a month, with coverage durations running from 1 to 12 months. If at any time you would like to know how much coverage time is remaining, look no further than the pool display card or the details box. On them you will see how many 'months left' of coverage displayed, along with a progress bar that crawls toward a finish line flag as the coverage time passes (also shown below).

What is the Community Court?

The Community Court is how we ensure a fair and democratic claims review process should that unfortunate event ever occur. Jurors make up the Community Court, and these members are volunteers who have pledged to assess claims in good faith and abide by besure's values of cooperation and community. At besure, we know that there are no better people to judge the authenticity of a claim than jury members who share the same passion, encounter the same risks, and who possibly know exactly what the their fellow community members are experiencing. In this way, we are a true social platform where the common understanding and teamwork between pool members makes besure work. Through our Community Court, we are all truly "in it together".

How do I become a jury member?

Each time you join a pool, you will be asked if you'd like to volunteer for jury duty. By checking on the box, you will become a member of that pool's jury when it launches. If the number of volunteers are too few to accurately represent the community pool, additional members may be appointed to jury duty(and will be notified by email).

As a true social platform, all members of a pool share the same risks, contribute equally, and agree to the same terms of use and pool bylaws. Therefore, if you have no interest(financial, moral, etc.) in seeing the community empowered to successfully self - insure then you cannot join a pool. And if you're unable to be a member of the pool, you cannot adjudicate its claims.

How often will I have to check the site if I'm a juror?

You can check the site as often as you wish, although we do want jury members to be responsible and responsive. To assist you, we've built an alert system into all member profile dashboards so that jurors will know immediately if their attention is needed.

Will I know who the jury members are on my pools?

Absolutely. Jury members are clearly identified on your pool's homepage under the members tab. Each volunteer for a pool's community court jury will have this gavel badge  next to their name.

Please note that you will be unable to identify the randomly selected claim jury for, and their respective votes on, specific claims.This process is kept anonymous to ensure that claims are fairly and honestly reviewed without outside influence.

How do I review a claim?

Reviewing a claim is a very simple process that can take minutes (if not seconds). As a juror you will be able to access all submitted claim packets from the Claims tab in your pool or from the jury duty section of your profile. The claim packet is organized into 3 steps. The first step is to review the claim explanation. This section shows the claim date, the amount being claimed, and the "What Happened" statement. It is important to read through it and get a feel for the situation. Step 2 it to review the evidence. All required evidence for joining and claiming are displayed. Clicking on any of the items will expand them for easy viewing. Step 3 is where you cast your vote. You can click "approve" or "deny". Clicking approve or deny anonymously records your decision and ends the review process for this claim.

What are the phases of a pool?

The lifecycle of a pool takes the form of 5 phases:

  1. Join Phase - After a pool first appears on the site, it is in the Join phase. This is when you can join (and invite others to join) the pool. During this time, all pools carry the condition that: "If the minimum number of members required for the pool parameters to be viable is not reached by the coverage start date, the pool cannot launch and will be unable to enter the coverage phase." This is why it is important to invite friends and share pools on social media during this phase, as community coverage cannot be provided without the requisite number of participants.
  2. Coverage Phase - If the minimum number of members is reached or surpassed by the coverage start date, the pool will launch and begin providing coverage to its members. During this phase, all pool members sleep easier knowing that they and their community are supported by a social and financial safety net should tragedy strike.
  3. Stalled Phase - If the minimum number of members is not reached by the coverage start date, the pool will not launch (meaning the coverage period will never begin). If this happens, members will not be charged the contribution amount and the pool will acquire the label of Stalled. These stalled out pools are archived for learning purposes and are viewable to users if they are interested. Based on member feedback and suggestions, we may resurrect these pool ideas again.
  4. Processing Phase - After the Coverage period ends, the pool enters its Processing phase. It is during this phase that approved claims are paid to the claimants, followed by any remaining funds in the pool being redistributed back to the pool members. Those who have already received pool funds through a claim do not qualify for the leftover refund.
  5. Complete Phase - After any leftover funds have been redistributed, the pool lifecycle is complete. Hence why we call this final stage the "Complete phase." Completed pools are archived for learning purposes and publicly viewable. Completed pools allow us to continually learn from the experiences of the members, which drives the evolution of the platform's intelligence, tools, and social technology.

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