If you are living in an apartment and there is water damage, do you know who pays for the repairs? What about the loss of your personal items? Learn why renter’s insurance is about much more than just your protecting your personal valuables.


Why do renters often not purchase renter’s insurance?

  • They aren’t aware it exists
  • They assume it costs too much
  • They have more important priorities
  • They don’t see the value because they believe the risk is low

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Renter’s Insurance is About More Than Just Your Personal Valuables

In the event of a fire or water damage, your landlord will have insurance that covers the structure and they will be responsible for repairs to the building. But without renter’s insurance, you are stuck paying out of pocket to replace not only your lost or damaged belongings but for finding an alternative place to live until you can move back in.


A Besure risk protection pool can provide you with a simple, quick, and easy way to cover unexpected loss or damage and so much more.


Here are 5 aspects any good renter’s insurance should cover:


1. Multiple Scenarios

Renter’s insurance may cover damage caused by power surges, fire, water damage, theft, and vandalism. When you consider where you live, you may choose to add coverage for damage or loss caused by floodwater, tornados or earthquakes to your renter’s insurance pool. You can customize your renter’s insurance pool to meet your specific needs.


2. Insurance of Loss or Damage to Personal Property

Your personal property includes what you own, such as electronic devices, furniture, instruments, toys, and clothing that is damaged or stolen. It is often hard to determine the total value of all your personal belongings but it is worth sitting down and adding it up because it’s probably a great deal more than you are expecting. While you are in the process of assessing the value of your items take photos or videos and create an album itemizing your belongings.


Why is this important?


This way if something does get lost or damaged, you have a record of what you owned. It can be difficult after a traumatic loss to recall everything correctly and you may not remember things until much later.


3. Loss of use

Often, when you experience a situation such as a flood or fire in your rented apartment, not only will you need insurance to help replace damaged personal goods, but you’ll also need it to help you pay for temporary living space while your home is being repaired.


Loss of use insurance can provide alternative accommodation, food, and cover any other expenses you may face from being unable to live at home.




4. Liability

This type of insurance provides coverage in the event someone is injured, or property is damaged due to negligence. It may also include damage caused by your negligence to someone else’s property. For example, if you were to leave a sink running in your kitchen and it caused damage to an apartment below your own, your insurance would cover the cost of any repairs


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