Besure is an innovative platform that facilitates the process of self-insurance through our advanced software. Here’s everything you need to know about community risk protection and how it can benefit you.


The concept of traditional insurance may still be relevant among an older generation, but millenials are showing greater interest in products based on simplicity and personalisation, which is why the shift towards peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance and community risk protection has begun.

Community risk protection offers many benefits over traditional insurance, including:

  • lower premiums
  • a more transparent process
  • more control
  • ease and efficiency when filing claims


How Community Risk Sharing Helps You Protect The Things You Love

Unlike with traditional insurance products, Besure’s P2P platform offers a risk-sharing and protection service that works to take care of you and everything you value. With the platform, you have complete control over the process and you can participate directly in personalised self-insurance that guards you against life’s unfortunate setbacks.


How Besure Works


Why Was Besure Created?

Besure is a risk-sharing platform that was developed to facilitate the process of self-insurance amongst communities. It’s aim is to attract users with common interests and passions, allowing them to form micro-communities (pools) to protect the things that matter most to them.


How it Works

The main concept of Besure is that community (pool) members contribute funds to a ‘virtual communal jar’ and distribute the risk of loss or damage, so that the burden doesn’t completely fall on one individual.

Besure’s community is powered by a Virtual Actuary, a system that has been designed to:

  • quantify premiums and minimum participation levels
  • ensure the pool’s integrity
  • protect the pool from implosion

Integral to this platform is the ‘Community Court’ - a group of voluntary jurors selected from the pool, who facilitate peer adjudications on claims.


How We Make Filing Claims Easy


Besure’s Mission

The overall mission of Besure is to leverage the power of community to help people protect what matters most to them. Currently, there is a gap between what ‘can’ be traditionally insured (eg. house, car, life, health) and what consumers ‘want’ to protect - Besure closes this gap.


3 Unique Items You Can Protect


What is a Besure Pool?

A Besure pool is a gathering of resources created and owned by you, together with your friends, family members, peers, and other community members, who are looking to self-insure against a common risk.

Each pool is made up of like-minded individuals who have the same passions and values, and who are looking to protect themselves against the same loss or event.


Here’s how it works:

  • As a group, you decide what you want to protect, whether it’s your pet, cellphone, or valuable musical instruments.
  • Together, you determine how you will benefit from the protection.
  • You set the terms of your policy (i.e. how much do you want to pay and how much do you want to protect)
  • If you have enough people interested in pooling together for this particular interest, then the pool will activate and you’ll be protected for the term previously agreed upon.

2 Ways to Join a Besure Pool

Besure strives to facilitate the process of self-insurance within communities using our advanced software. You can begin actively protecting the things you love by joining a pool today.

There are two ways to do this:


1. Join An Existing Pool

One of the simplest ways to begin self-insuring is by joining an existing Besure pool. Depending on whether the group is open or private, you can find one you’re interested in by exploring the platform, or through invitation.

I’ve found a pool I like. Now what?

All you have to do now is create a profile on the Besure platform, upload any require documents/pictures, and that’s it! You can now begin enjoying the benefits of community risk-sharing and protection.


2. Create Your Own Pool

Can’t find the protection you’re looking for? Then why not create your own Besure pool! As a host and creator, you can:

  • suggest a pool depending on what you’re looking to protect
  • have the Besure team create the pool for you
  • open it up to the public, or keep it private
  • invite your family, friends, and peers to join

Why should I create my own pool?

User-created pools work extremely well because of the pre-existing connection and sense of community. When you share risk with like-minded people who value the same things you do, you’ll always be protected, no matter what.


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