Besure offers a new, smart, and affordable type of insurance that involves community risk-sharing and protection for the things that you value most.

Besure is a innovative new service that helps you proactively guard against life’s nasty surprises through community risk sharing - the coming together of like minded individuals who value protecting the same things you do.

This type of self-insurance puts you in complete control of the process and allows you to, along with other community members, decide:

  • what you want to protect
  • the terms of your protection
  • how much you want to pay for that protection
  • whether or not a pool member’s claim should be paid

Affordable Insurance That Puts You In the Driver’s Seat

Unlike with traditional insurance, Besure takes the power (typically held by large corporations) and places it in the hands of those with the most to lose and the greatest understanding of the risk: YOU.

Besure offers a risk-sharing and protection service that works to take care of you and everything you value.


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How Besure Community Risk Sharing Works

Besure is a bold and smart new way to protect the most important things and parts of your life. Through community risk sharing and protection, you will be able to participate directly and cooperatively in ‘self-insurance’ that guards you against life’s unfortunate surprises and setbacks.


How it Works: 3 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Risk-Sharing Pool

At Besure, we strive to offer a more convenient and affordable insurance option to our clients. Joining a pool is a simple procedure that can be done in three easy steps:


Step 1: Find or Create a Pool

The first step in joining a Besure pool is to find one that suits your needs. This can be done either through invite or by exploring our page. If you can’t find one, you can always create a pool!

You can:

  • suggest a pool (eg. for musical instruments, pets, job loss, or anything else that matters to you)
  • have us create it for you
  • invite your friends, family and co-workers
  • keep it private or open it up to the public


Step 2: Join the Pool of Your Choice

Once you have identified your pool of choice, you must:

  • become a member of Besure
  • create a profile
  • join the pool you’re interested in
  • upload any required evidence documents (which are pool specific)
  • pay the contribution amount

Pool Membership



Step 3: Make a Claim  

If you have suffered an unfortunate accident or event and wish to make a claim from your pool, you will have to fill out a 3-step claim submission form.

The claim will then be viewed and voted on by the community court who simply make sure you meet the pool requirements and provide the right type of evidence, before approving your claim.



Why Community Risk Sharing is So Effective When it Comes to Getting Claims Filed

Besure is different because it is a community risk-sharing platform. It works because we are a community - we share the same values, passions, and understand that we are all in this together.

Besure is not a traditional insurance: instead, our focus of insurance is on cooperation and the well-being of our community. Besure’s community risk-sharing is particularly effective when it comes to getting claims filed because:

  • our volunteer jurors have pledged to assess claims in good faith and abide by our values of cooperation and community.
  • those who are assessing your claim share the same passion as you, encounter the same risks, and know exactly what you are experiencing.
  • il members of the pool are carefully selected and share the same goal of seeing the community empowered to successfully self-insure.
  • reviewing a claim with Besure is an extremely simple procedure that takes only minutes (if not seconds).

Reviewing Claims



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