Peer to peer insurance is taking the insurance industry by storm. Here are the pros & cons of this platform and everything you need to know about how this type of self-insurance works. 

Besure is an innovative service that allows you to guard against life’s unexpected setbacks through community risk sharing - the coming together of like-minded individuals who wish to protect the same things.


How does this type of self-insurance work?


This peer-to-peer platform puts you in total control of the insurance process and allows you, along with your pool members, to determine:

  • What items you want to protect (eg. cellphone, musical instrument, or pet)
  • The terms of your policy
  • How much each member contributes to the pool
  • Whether or not a pool member’s claim should be paid

Insurance That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Unlike with traditional insurance, Besure takes the power (usually held by large corporations) and places it in the hands of those with the greatest understanding of the risk, and the most to lose: you and your pool members.


This risk-sharing platform offers you a convenient and affordable way to self-insure and works to take care of you and everything you value.


Want to know more about how this type of self-insurance works?

How It Works



P2P Insurance: How it Works

P2P insurance is a risk-sharing network, where a group of like-minded individuals pool their money/premiums together to ensure against a certain risk.


How is P2P different from traditional insurance?

Unlike traditional insurance models, in which a large group of individuals with varying risks are covered under the same plan, P2P lets you select your insurance pool - be it friends, family members, or simply people with whom you share a particular interest.



You can even get money back!

Additionally, instead of keeping unused premium funds as profits like traditional insurers do, P2P insurers such as Besure, return any remaining money at the end of the coverage period to the pool members.



Why People Love P2P Insurance

While the P2P insurance concept may seem like a new idea, it is actually based on an old concept, used hundreds of years ago, when communities helped each other out in times of need. Besure simply restores this mutual support system and provides an online platform for like-minded people to put together their resources and protect against a shared risk.


Some of the reasons why people love P2P insurance include:

  • Less likelihood of insurance fraud. People are less likely to commit insurance fraud or exaggerate claims, when they are in a pool with family members and/or friends, or when they know they’ll lose money along with everyone else.

  • Lower premiums. P2P platforms are digitally driven, meaning that they rid themselves of all overhead costs, which is why you will be able to enjoy lower premiums.

  • Left-over funds are returned. If there is money left over in the pool, or if no claims are made, then all members get cash back at the end of the policy period. This is a very attractive offer and an incentive to avoid claims unless absolutely necessary.

Benefits of P2P Insurance



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