Are you looking for an affordable and transparent way to financially protect the things you value most? Besure offers an innovative method of self-insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Besure is a bold and smart new way to protect the most important things and parts of your life. Through community risk sharing and protection, you’ll be able to participate directly in ‘self-insurance’ that guards you against life’s most challenging setbacks.

Even better? It’s so simple to get started.

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Affordable and Flexible Self-Insurance That Gives You Total Control

At Besure, we know one thing: life is unpredictable and can often throw some difficult challenges your way, compromising your financial stability. Whatever your needs, our P2P insurance platform gives you an affordable way to protect the things you value most, from your musical instrument and car to your beloved pet.

When you join Besure, you’ll be able to participate in self-insurance and protect yourself from any setbacks through community risk sharing.

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What Is Self-Insurance



What is Self-Insurance?

Self-insurance is a risk management technique in which a group of individuals set aside a pool of money to be used to remedy an unexpected loss. By creating or joining a Besure pool, you can self-insure against any type of loss, be it accidental damage to your smartphone, the death of a pet, or even the loss of your expensive musical instrument.

The Benefits Of Self-Insurance

  • It doesn’t require any intermediaries (eg. broker or insurance company).
  • At the end of each coverage period, any leftover money is refunded.
  • There is less likelihood of fraud.
  • You have total control over the process.
  • Filling and getting approved for claims is easier and faster.
  • You not only receive financial support but also emotional support and advice to get you through life’s difficult moments.

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5 Questions To Consider Before Joining a Self Insurance Pool

Peer to Peer Insurance is an innovative and revolutionary type of self-insurance that taps into the power of the shared economy, uniting groups of like-minded people to help them achieve lower rates and a more transparent, efficient process.

While participating in self-insurance and joining a Besure pool can be incredibly beneficial, especially during challenging times, there are some questions you must ask before starting:

1. What kind of items/events can I cover? With Besure, there are no limits to what you can insure! As long as you can create a pool with enough members who share the same passion, you can protect anything you want.

2. Is there a subscription fee? Besure doesn’t require a paid subscription but after a pool has been funded and launched, Besure holds 10% of the pool’s funds for administration of the platform.

3. When can I submit a claim? You should submit your claim as soon as possible following your loss. Claims must be submitted in the month they occurred.

4. When are claims paid? Claims are often paid 6-8 days after the end of the month.

5. How much does it cost to join a pool? Each Besure pool is unique and so are the costs. Members determine a pool's cost at its creation.



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