How often do you go into your bank to deposit a cheque, pay your bills, or check your balance? If the answer is seldom to never, you are like most people today.  We have come to expect that most of our daily tasks can be done on our phones, from gathering information to financial transactions. Learn about the rise of InsurTech and how you can benefit from this technological innovation. 


Apps and online services that allow us the convenience of taking care of our daily banking remotely are examples of FinTech or financial technology.  InsurTech (insurance technology) is a branch of FinTech specific to the insurance industry. Perhaps because it is such an old and well-established industry, the insurance world has been somewhat slower to embrace the new digital technology, but things are starting to change and the changes are going to be exciting.


Besure is exciting new InsurTech created to provide you with the ability to create P2P insurance opportunities quickly and easily.  What kinds of things could you choose to create a Besure Pool to cover?

  • Musical Instruments
  • Smart Phones
  • Pets
  • Travel Plans

Really your imagination and desire are the limits.  If you have something you are passionate about wanting to cover and know a group of people who feel the same way, you are well on your way!


Besure Lets You Decide What You Need From Your Insurance 

Besure provides the technology and an innovative P2P insurance platform for you.  It is a bold and smart new way to protect the most important aspects of your life. Through community risk-sharing and protection, you’ll be able to participate directly and cooperatively in ‘self-insurance’ that guards you against some of life’s most challenging setbacks.


Want to enjoy the incredible benefits of self-insurance?




The Rise of InsurTech

In the same way, technology has changed the face of banking, it is disrupting the insurance world as well. Insurance by nature is cautious and makes its living from managing risk, but there is currently a clash between the old, well-established insurance companies and new high tech start-ups and you can benefit!



InsurTech groups are aware of the wants and needs of their clients and have found innovative ways to provide more of what they want.


Greater Personalization

With the flexibility offered by technology, you get more of what you want, when you want it.  Self-insurance means you decide what you want to insure, how much you want the coverage to be and who else is in your insurance pool.


Quicker and Simpler Process

Through the use of updated technology, you get online applications and quick claims processing, as well as real-time engagement because we have come to expect online access to services and instant information.


Reduced Costs

Because InsurTech companies have lower overhead costs with smaller operations, they are able to provide quality insurance at much more reasonable rates.


Accurate Risk Categories

Through the use of data analysis, InsurTech can provide more accurately tailored products.  In addition to self-insurance, customers can pick and choose their policy options.


Collaboration between Traditional and InsurTech Groups

Traditional insurance cannot move as quickly.  They are larger and slower to adapt.  What the emergence of InsurTech has resulted in is collaborations and partnerships between the traditional and new.  This is creating greater diversity in the insurance industry and that can only benefit you, the client!


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