Besure is founded on the innovative concept of P2P insurance and provides affordable and fully customizable insurance policies to customers to help them protect the things they value most. Here are 5 signs you should consider switching to P2P insurance.

Besure is a peer to peer (P2P) insurance platform that allows individuals to come together with friends, family, and peers, to organize their own insurance and bypass traditional insurance companies. This innovative platform provides many benefits, including:

  • Lower insurance costs
  • Greater convenience
  • More control over the insurance process
  • Less likelihood of fraud
  • Faster and more transparent claims process


P2P Insurance Puts You in Total Control Of Your Policy

At Besure, we know that things can happen beyond your control. Whatever your needs, our online P2P insurance platform offers a convenient and transparent way to protect the things you value most. By joining a Besure pool, you can participate directly in self insurance and create a fully customized policy that will guard you against any of life’s nasty surprises.

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What You Need to Know About the Rise Of P2P Insurance

P2P insurance, much like traditional insurance, is a group of people who pool together their resources to insure against a specific risk, such as the illness of a pet or damage to a valuable item. However, unlike traditional insurance, P2P insurance companies are highly focused on making insurance more convenient and affordable through:

  • Technology
  • Automation
  • Social networking

This new and innovative model of insurance adheres to traditional pooling and sharing of losses but incorporates today’s advanced technology, providing a product for savvy and young customers who are looking for more transparency and convenience when it comes to their insurance.


Besure’s P2P Insurance Platform: Why Did it Start?

Besure was founded with the mission to leverage the power of community to help customers protect what matters most to them. Currently, there is a gap between what can be traditionally insurance (eg. your car, house, or health) and what modern consumers want to protect - Besure aims to close that gap.


What Exactly is a Besure Pool?

Simply put, a Besure pool is a gathering of resources created and owned by you, together with your friends, family members, or other community members who are looking to self insure against a common risk. Each pool is made up of like-minded consumers who share the same risks and interest.

It works like this:

  • As a group, you decide what you want to protect, whether it’s your digital devices, pet, or valuable sports equipment. (3 Non-Traditional Items Besure Helps You Protect >)
  • Together as a group, you determine how you’ll benefit from the protect and you’ll set the terms of your own policy (eg. how much you want to pay and for how long).
  • If you have enough people interested in pooling together for this particular risk, then your Besure pool will be activated and you’ll be protected for the term agreed upon.


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Making the Switch to P2P Insurance

P2P insurance companies such as Besure aim to reduce costs for their consumers and increase the transparency of the insurance process. Besure aims to improve the quality of risk by helping build strong relationships between pool members.

By doing this, Besure strengthens the sense of community within individual pools which leads then leads to a reduction in:

  • False claims. Because pool members know and care for each other, they are less likely to present a false or fraudulent claim.
  • Moral Hazard: Individuals in a Besure pool are less likely to get involved in a risky event just because he/she knows they are protected against the risk and other community members will incur the cost.
  • Unpaid claims: With Besure, the claims approval is transparent, fast, fair, and in most cases, successful.




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