Peer to peer insurance is an innovative way to meet your insurance needs. Learn how you can benefit from P2P insurance and what you can protect with a Besure Pool.


Traditional insurance is a product of its time. It started in the 1600s as a way for English merchants to protect their goods in the event of a shipwreck. The times have changed, and the established insurance industry is slow to keep up. Customers are accustomed to social media, the digital world and instant access to whatever interests us. We have higher expectations for the services we choose than ever before.


Besure has created an innovative P2P insurance platform that meets all the needs of the modern customer. By joining or creating a Besure pool with friends, family, or peers, you will be able to participate in self-insurance that is affordable, convenient, and transparent, and that works to guard you against any of life’s unexpected setbacks.


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What Are The Benefits of P2P Insurance?


1. P2P Insurance Will Save You Money

There are several ways that joining a Besure pool can save you money when compared to traditional insurance companies. These include:

  • Lower overheads. P2P is offered by companies that have technology as the foundation of their operations. This lowers the overhead, which is passed along to the members of a P2P pool. 
  • Everyone in the insurance pool pays the same amount. Your premium is not higher because of your age, health, or location. 
  • There are no deductibles on claims, as there are with many traditional insurance claims. Traditional insurance companies make money selling insurance, and therefore have little incentive to pay claims. In fact, they do whatever they can to prevent their members from filing claims. There is no incentive for a P2P insurance company to deny a claim. A small amount of the total pool is kept for the administration of the platform, and all other money is kept in the pool and returned equally to pool members who have not filed a successful claim at the end of the term. 



2. P2P Insurance is Transparent

When you join a Besure pool, you are connected with people who share your insurance needs. You are aware of who is in your pool and you may have chosen them from your family, friends, colleagues or those who share a common interest or activity.


Transparent Claims Process


When a claim is made, it is processed by a jury composed of pool members. This means that the process will be a fair one and everyone in the pool can see who filed a claim, and you’ll be aware of the outcome of each claim.


3. P2P is Fast and Easy

The use of social technology in insurance is new and it is helping create a much faster and convenient process.

  • To start a Besure pool, all you need to do is find and join pools that already exist or create one that meets your unique needs. 
  • The claim application is done through the app in 3 easy steps. You can use the platform to upload the details of your claim, including photos. 
  • The members of the jury can then access this information and decide on the outcome of the claim on the same app. 

Whatever your needs, Besure offers convenient and innovative insurance for the on-the-go consumer.




4. P2P is About More Than Insurance

Pool members are provided with a forum for communication. You can use this to create a community to share support and information with others who you know share similar interests.


What Kinds of Things Can You Cover with a Besure Pool?

Traditional insurance can protect you against the ‘big scenarios’, but what about the little things that matter just as much? With a Besure pool, you are able to cover conceivably anything you care about, including:

  • Musical instruments
  • Laptops
  • Eyeglasses
  • Travel protection
  • Pet illness or injury
  • Rental

You are really limited only by your imagination and desire to protect something of significance to you.




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