Besure created a platform for risk-sharing with attention to community cooperation. The technology was created in response to the needs of those who were ignored or underserved by the insurance industry.


Besure cuts out the excess from traditional insurers with smaller operations costs, which are covered by a small administrative fee paid from the member’s contribution. Besure is not an insurance company, agent or broker. We provide the platform and technology to facilitate community protection.


Protect Anything That Matters to You

At Besure, we know that you are unique and probably have something you want to protect that not everyone else does. Whatever your specific interests, our online P2P insurance platform offers a convenient and transparent way to protect the things you value most.


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The Beliefs at the Foundation of Besure

The key to shared community protection is a carefully considered foundation.  This ensures that all members sign up for the same service with a common goal and have agreed to participate with that in mind for the benefit of everyone involved.


Besure has created a solid foundation for its risk protection program based on the following:


1. Shared Risks

Everyone in a Besure pool has become a member because they share an interest in protecting the same thing, whether that be their travel plans, camera gear or puppies.



2. Equal Contribution

The rate for everyone in the pool is exactly the same.  No one gets a cut because of their age or where they live.  Each member accepts an equal share in and responsibility for the fund.



3. Terms of Use and Pool Bylaws

Before joining the pool, members are fully aware of and agree to the terms and bylaws. There are no hidden agendas or secret clauses in small print.



4. Community Controlled Claim Adjudication

When a community member needs to file a claim, it is adjudicated by the jury.  Each time you join a pool you will be asked if you want to volunteer for jury duty. After reviewing the claim details, this jury of pool members decides whether to approve it or not. 



5. Transparency in All Aspects

One of the greatest benefits of this form of risk protection is the level of transparency built into the platform.  You will know who the pool members are, who has filed a claim, what happened and what decision was made.  You will see who the jury members are if you file a claim.  And you will always know how much funding is left in your pool and how much time remains in the current coverage period.




6. Shared Understanding of Risks

Each pool is created for a specific purpose by people who share common hobbies, interests or goals.  They are therefore the most qualified to understand and review a claim for its validity and determine whether to approve it or not.


7. Save by Sharing

Community Protection pools are created to provide coverage for something significant to a group who share an interest or passion.  You can, therefore, feel reassured that, like yourself, your community hopes the insurance is never needed. There is no motivation to scam the system because, at the end of the coverage period, all funds left in the pool are returned to the members who did not file a claim during the term.


What is important to you that deserves protection?

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