From home and travel insurance to your protection against UFO attacks, Besure’s innovative P2P insurance platform allows you to cover conceivably anything you care about. 


Inspired by the experience of those who are underserved by the traditional insurance industry, Besure is a community-driven risk sharing platform that utilizes the power of social media to bring peers, friends, family, and like-minded people together to collectively protect what matters to them most. 


Whether you are looking for renters or travel insurance, or you want to protect your expensive musical instrument, Besure offers many benefits, including: 


  • It protects you against risks no traditional insurance will cover
  • You are in total control of the process and the power of decision belongs to you 
  • You can lean on your pool members for emotional support, advice, or financial help 
  • Any funds left over after the coverage has ended is returned to the members 
  • It lowers your financial burden

From Travel Insurance to Protection For Your Pet, Cover Anything You Want With Besure 

Unlike traditional insurance companies, Besure’s P2P platform works to take care of YOU and everything you value. With this innovative risk-sharing platform, you have complete control over your insurance process and you’ll be able to participate directly in personalized self-insurance that guards you against some of life’s most unfortunate setbacks. 

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The Basics of the Besure P2P Platform: What You Need to Know 

When it comes to insurance, P2P providers are challenging traditional institutions by utilizing the power of social media to bring together individuals who wish to have more control over their insurance policy. 


This is a relatively new and revolutionary concept in Canada, so here are some of the basics of Besure’s P2P insurance platform and what it means for you, as a consumer. 


1. It’s a New and Innovative Business Model 

The main aim of P2P insurance companies such as Besure is to upend the traditional model of insurance, in which the insurer: 


  • Determines the risk you pose 
  • Charges you a premium according to that determination 
  • Takes responsibility for the payout 


How is P2P different? With the P2P model, social technology is used to assemble a group of like-minded individuals (be it family, friends, or peers) who are looking to protect the same thing and who want to pool their money together in the form of premiums. This can then be tapped into if someone in the group were to file a claim. 


Even better? If the claims fall short of the revenue in the pool, the members can benefit. 


2. You Can Enjoy Lower Costs 

One of the biggest advantages of P2P insurance companies is that they will significantly lower your insurance premiums. Why? Because these companies operate largely online, they are able to strip down the costs associated with a brick and mortar business and therefore charge you less for membership. 

On top of that: YOU, along with your group members decide how much you want to pay for your coverage. 




3. The Insurance Process is Digital and Fast 

One of the biggest hassles of traditional insurance is just how long it takes to get insurance. You’ll have to submit an inventory of your possessions and wait while the insurer evaluates your level of risk. In addition, there are so many forms to fill out, which are often full of technical jargon. 


P2P offers a faster and more streamlined process: Besure’s P2P insurance company was born in the digital age and therefore, we are able to offer a faster and more convenient process. All you need to do is answer a few questions online and receive your quote in minutes. You’ll even be able to pay online and the coverage will kick in almost immediately. 


The Payouts are Faster and Fairer 

Not only is it easier to get coverage with Besure, but the payouts are made in a few minutes! For anyone who has ever had to go through the hassle of filing a claim with a traditional insurance company, this advantage cannot be overstated! 

The Besure P2P payouts are so efficient because: 

  • The claims are reviewed by your pool members who share the same passion and risks as you, so understand what you’ve experienced. 
  • All pool members share the same goal of seeing every individual in the community successfully self insure. 
  • All members pledge to assess claims in good faith and abide by the values of community and cooperation. 


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