Do you have any specialist sports equipment? Here are some of the reasons why you must insure it and some top tips on how to successfully self-insure against any unexpected loss or damage.

The concept of Besure was inspired by individuals who are often underserved by traditional insurance companies. A community drive, risk-sharing platform, Besure utilises the power of technology and social media to bring together like-minded individuals so they can successfully self-insure.

Some of the benefits of this platform include:

  • It protects you against risks that no traditional insurance will cover
  • You have complete control over the entire process
  • A Besure community can provide you with financial help, as well as emotional support and advice.
  • As member knowledge becomes communal knowledge, the risk of any negative events occurring is lowered and your financial burden in case it does is reduced.

How Can I Start To Successfully Self-Insure?

Wondering how you can start to self-insure? Look no further than a Besure pool. This peer-to-peer (P2P) platform utilizes the power of social networking, compassion, community, and cooperation, to help you protect the things you value most.

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Why Should I Insure My Sports Equipment?

Many sports and activities can come with huge price-tags on the equipment required to enjoy the sport fully. Without insurance, any accidental damage, theft, or loss, of this equipment can result in very high repair or replacement costs, which is why it’s so important to consider insurance for your equipment.

This can include equipment such as:

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Surfboards
  • Golf clubs
  • Tennis racquets
  • Bicycles

When insuring your equipment, you should make sure that the cover not only protects your equipment in the home, but also whilst you are travelling, or whilst you’re using them.

At Besure, You Decide The Terms of Your Agreement

One of the biggest advantages of joining a Besure pool is that you can, together with your pool members, decide on the terms of your agreement, including what to cover and how much to pay for that coverage.

When you’re insuring your sports equipment, you want to ensure the terms will cover:

  • Accidental loss or damage to your equipment.
  • Sports equipment belonging to anyone in the house.
  • Theft
  • Sports clothing used in connection with the activity
  • Theft/loss/damage while travelling
  • Non-professional use of sports equipment and accessories
  • Damage caused when in use
  • Damage caused by wear and tear
  • Any wearable technology and/or gadgets

Travel Insurance For Your Sports Equipment

Airline insurance policies don’t normally include provisions for sports equipment, so as a traveller, you will have to ensure adequate protection for your specialized items. Coverage for this equipment will allow you a certain amount of compensation for stolen, damaged, or lost equipment and ensure you are financially protected in case of any unexpected occurrences.

When reviewing your sports equipment policy, you should ask the following questions:

  1. When does your coverage begin?
  2. What are the coverage limits?
  3. Will you receive monetary damages as a result of the claim?
  4. Are certain types of sports equipment excluded from the coverage?
  5. Are there any specific policy terms that affect your coverage?
  6. Are there any aggregate limits, or per-occurrence limitations?

Comparing your insurance options and ensuring that you have the right coverage is easier once you’ve made a complete list of the most important questions. In addition, ALWAYS keep detailed records of every piece of sports equipment you carry onto a flight.

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