Besure is a risk sharing platform developed to facilitate the process of self insurance amongst communities through our software.  It is designed to attract users with common characteristics/objectives in many to many micro-communities ("pools") where members are able to contribute funds into a "virtual communal jar" and distribute the risk of loss or damage.   Besure's community is powered with a Virtual Actuary,  a system designed to quantify premiums and minimum participation levels to ensure the pool's integrity and protection from implosion.  Proprietary to this platform is the Community Court, a utility within the portal  that facilitates peer adjudication on claims.  The overall objective of Besure is to leverage community to help people protect what's important to them.  There is a gap between what "can" be traditionally insured (car, house, life, health) and what consumers "want" protected.  

Besure closes this gap.  

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