Have you always been weary of traditional insurance companies? Then Besure was created for you! Veering away from traditional insurance principles, Besure offers you complete risk protection and control over the things you value most.

If you've browsed our site, you may have read about our warranties and our protection pools. This post outlines the difference between the two.

The Benefits Of Besure

  • It protects you against risks no traditional insurance will cover.
  • It gives you complete control over the entire insurance process.
  • Payouts are easier and faster to get.

Besure’s Innovative Concept of Self-Insurance Gives You The Protection You Deserve

Created to counteract many of the drawbacks of traditional insurance, Besure offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that harnesses the power of social networking, cooperation, and the sharing economy. It empowering individuals to come together to protect the things they care about most.

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Public Pools vs Private Pools vs Warranties: Which is Right For You?

Besure is Calgary’s first 100-percent community-based Peer-to-Peer platform. It was designed to allow individuals, businesses, and groups with common needs, interests, and goals, to share risk and successfully ‘self-insure’.

It is typically delivered in two formats:

  1. Self-insurance in the form of P2P pools (public and private).
  2. A turnkey warranty management tool for businesses offering on-demand purchase protection.

Public Pools

Public pools are pools that are open to the public. They are the purest form of peer-to-peer. 


  • anyone can join a public pool
  • members must share a common bond with the rest of the community, which is the desire to successfully self-insure against a certain event
  • they must follow the communal guidelines that have been laid out
  • all pools, as well as their operation, are fully transparent to all members

Private Pools

Unlike public pools, private pools can be joined by invitation only.

They are ideal for communities, groups, and organisations who are looking to:

  • limit their membership
  • have control over branding
  • disable the discussion forum
  • enable or disable certain management features (eg. the court system)
  • appoint their own jurors
  • customise their group features within the host’s pool management board

NOTE: Regardless of which format it takes, there is no external involvement in the operations of a Besure pool.


Warranties have been designed specifically to help businesses stay connected to their users.

Warranties have many benefits. For example, they:

  • instil confidence in new and existing customers
  • create new sources of revenue
  • encourage evangelism
  • can increase close rates up to 25%

Warranties vs Private Pools

Although warranties and private pools were built on the same concept, there are a few subtle, yet important differences, that you should be aware of.

  • The period of a warranty exists indefinitely, so long as at least one user holds a warranty.
  • In order to become active, pools must reach a minimum threshold of users at the outset (ensuring the viability of the pool).
  • Warranties can be offered at the point of sale or retroactively since they are secured by the business.
  • With warranties, coverage durations are connected to each individual user instead of to the community (as is the case with a private pool).

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