Have you ever wondered how self insurance works? Besure is an innovative community risk-sharing platform that offers customized protection for the things you value most.

Free of the many limitations of traditional insurance, Besure is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that utilizes the power of social networking, cooperation, and the sharing economy, to empower individuals to come together and protect the things that are important to them.

Starting a Besure pool with your family, friends, or peers, will give you:

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection for you, your family, your pet, and your most valuable items
  • Reduced stress during difficult times
  • Financial stability

How Self-Insurance Works to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Unlike traditional models of insurance, Besure’s innovative platform offers a risk-sharing and protection service that takes care of you and everything you value.

How does this self insurance work? All you have to do is join or create a Besure pool and you’ll be able to participate immediately in personalized self insurance that guards you against all of life’s setbacks.


Protecting The Things You Love: It Takes a Village

As many Canadians are becoming more aware, traditional insurance companies are in great need of innovation. Over the past five decades, the channels and methods used by insurers have become increasingly outdated and less convenient.

The spread of Peer-to-Peer models of insurance (such as Besure) will not only bring clients better savings and greater convenience but will also work to promote a sense of community and shared interests.

P2P vs Traditional Insurance

Traditional insurance companies work by pooling the premium payments of a large group of strangers and using this pool to pay out any claims. In this model, group members pay varying premiums, based on their likelihood of needing to submit a claim in the future.

What does this mean? Those who are deemed to be higher-risk (older, smokers), will pay higher premiums.

In the end, any money that remains in this pool will be kept by the insurer as revenue.

Why is P2P Different?

In a P2P system, the groups are much smaller and they’re curated and largely controlled by the members. Typically, this group will not be strangers, but rather a community of family, close friends, and peers, all with the same interests.

These members will:

  • Pool their resources to provide support if one or more of them encounter misfortune.
  • Decide the terms of their policy
  • Determine whether a pool member’s claim should be paid or not

In addition, any money that is left over in the pool after the term has ended will be refunded to the members.

What Sets P2P Apart

The benefits of P2P over traditional insurance models are numerous.

Not only will this type of self insurance give you more control over the process, but it will also lead to:

  • More transparent transactions
  • Greater knowledge (you’ll always know who is filing a claim and for how much)
  • Less likelihood of fraudulent claims and scams

Why Besure Poses a Lower Risk For Members: It’s very easy for people to be dishonest with a large insurance company, as they can seem like a huge, faceless cooperation. However, if you know that by launching a false claim, you’ll be hurting your close friends and family, you’re far more likely to operate honestly.

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