Don’t want to take on the financial and emotional burden of a worst-case scenario by yourself? Besure’s insurance app offer you a convenient way to gather resources with your family, friends, or community members, to protect the things you value most.

Besure is a community driven platform that was inspired by the experiences of those who were ignored or under-served by the traditional insurance industry. When you start up a Besure pool and download the insurance app, you take complete control over your insurance process.


Together with your pool members (be it your family, friends, or simply like-minded individuals), you will decide:

  • What you want to protect (eg. your pet, musical instrument, favorite gadget)
  • How much you want to pay for that protection
  • The protection term
  • Whether or not a pool member’s claim should be paid

Our Insurance App Makes It Easy To Protect The Things You Love


At Besure, we want to make insurance as easy, transparent, and convenient as possible. By joining a Besure pool and downloading the insurance app, you can participate directly in self-insurance and guard against any of life’s nasty surprises through community risk sharing: the coming together of like-minded individuals who value protecting the same things you do.

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How Besure Works



How to Start Up a Besure Pool For Your Group

A Besure pool is a gathering of resources created and owned by you, together with your family/friends/peers, to protect against a common risk, such as pet illness, musical instrument damage, or loss of a gadget (cellphone, tablet, computer).


This risk-sharing platform was developed to facilitate the process of self-insurance, through advanced software, such as an insurance app. You can start up a Besure pool for your friends in two ways:


1. Join a Group

Why not begin successfully self-insuring by joining one of the existing Besure pools? Depending on whether the pool is open or private, you can join an existing one by:

Found a pool you like? Simply create a profile on our platform, upload all the required documents, and you’re ready! You and your friends can begin enjoying the incredible benefits of community risk-sharing.


Benefits Of A Community



2. Create a Group

If you have looked through our platform, but still can’t find the protection that you need, you can always create your own pool! As a host, you will be able to:

  • Suggest a pool (depending on what you’re looking to protect)
  • Have the Besure team create it for you
  • Open it up to the public, or keep it private.
  • Invite your family, friends, and peers to join.

Benefits of creating your own pool: Pools created by users tend to work extremely well because of the pre-existing sense of community. When you share risk with your family, friends, and peers, you can be sure you’ll be protected no matter what.


Suggest A Pool



What You Need to Know About Besure Before You Start

Before you create or join a Besure pool, you must be fully aware of certain aspects of our platform. These include:

  1. We have developed a currency that can be used in any pool and when you join, your funds will be converted into this currency. Note: Credit can be redeemed for cash at anytime.
  2. All claims in the pool are voted on by a group of pre-selected jurors from within the pool. These are either volunteers or randomly selected.
  3. In order to activate, a Besure pool requires a minimum amount of members, so be sure to share the pool with your social network.
  4. If a pool’s coverage period has lapsed and there are leftover funds, these will be reimbursed to the pool members.


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