Are you looking for a convenient and quick way to stay self-insured? Learn more about mobile insurance applications and how they’re designed for life on the go.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) insurance is an innovative concept that relies upon a risk-sharing network of like-minded individuals who can pool their resources together to ensure against a common risk, be that the loss of a cellphone or the death of a pet.

Helping you stay successfully self-insured, Besure’s platform and insurance app allow you to save money through:

  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Lower risk of fraud
  • Seamless and quick claims approval process

Flexible and Affordable Policies to Keep You Self-Insured

At Besure, we understand that life is full of unexpected hurdles. Whatever your unique needs, our insurance app offers a new way to protect the things you value most, from your beloved pet to your prized musical instrument.

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Mobile Insurance Apps: How They Work & What You Can Do With Them

In today’s society, with the rush, hurry, and busy lives, people require the ability to communicate and carry on with their daily activities while still on the go. This proved to be a challenge for traditional insurance companies, who struggled to take on today’s mobile society.

The answer? With disruptive technologies, such as peer-to-peer insurance, companies such as Besure have now developed mobile insurance apps which policyholders and new customers can download to their cellphones.

What Can You Do With an Insurance App?

Depending on the company and the particular insurance application, there is quite a lot you can do with this app. Here is a little more in-depth detail about some of the services offered through mobile insurance applications:

  1. Get an Insurance Quote

Whether you’re using it for a particular company, or to get a generic quote, a mobile insurance app allows you to shop for insurance and compare specific types of insurance coverage. You can receive a quote and, in some cases, bind coverage via the application.

  1. Make Small Changes to Your Policy

Do you have small changes that need to be reported to your insurance company, such as a change in address? Now making that change can be as easy as using your mobile application. You may even be able to make payments through the app using your credit or debit card.

Tip: While not all mobile apps allow you to make changes to your policy, companies that do offer this make life just that much easier.

  1. File a Claim

The claims filing and processing feature is one of the most beneficial things about mobile insurance applications.

An app can:

  • Save you time by allowing you to take pictures at the scene and upload them when reporting your claim.
  • Make it easier for you to check the status of an insurance claim.
  • Keep track of what payments have been paid on your claim.

During some of life’s most challenging and stressful moments, a mobile insurance app gives you convenience and peace of mind, knowing that you can deal with the situation all from your very own hand-held mobile device.

Mobile Insurance Apps are a Win-Win Situation

Today, insurance companies have an incredible incentive to offer potential customers convenient and useful mobile insurance applications.

This is because it:

  • Saves the company money (cutting down on paperwork)
  • Saves time (spent on reporting, processing, and handling of claims)
  • Proves to be an easy way to attract new customers

Through convenience and ease of service with policy change requests, convenient bill payment options, and the ability to receive a quote, mobile insurance apps are truly a win-win situation for both the companies and consumers.

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