A warranty conveys a company’s knowledge of and belief in their product or service and makes customers more willing to take a chance on something new. This is especially true if your business is service-oriented. Customers are more likely to go with what they know, unless you can find a way to minimize their perceived risks, and a warranty program does just that.


For your company there are many benefits to offering a warranty product as it will help you:

  • Add a new revenue source
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Build trust and relationship
  • Gain insight into customers
  • Improve and innovate based on feedback
  • Proactively respond to remedy issues
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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Besure turnkey warranty creation and management software empowers businesses to design and package full-service warranty programs that work for them. Our team walks you through the entire process from beginning to end and our unique software makes processing claims quick and simple.


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Understanding the Besure Warranty Product

Based on the same concept as the Besure peer to peer insurance pools, our warranty product allows you to offer affordable coverage to your customers for the products and services they purchase from you.


1. What Does the Warranty Look Like?

The Besure Warranty product is created by you. When your customers contribute to a pool, their payments become the warranty funding. This pool is then used to cover consumers against defective products or workmanship. Depending on how you set it up it can also provide the funds for repairs as needed.


Each member contributes the same amount to the pool. Any claims are processed from the balance in the pool. If there are funds remaining in the pool at the end of the term you can choose to have the funds assigned as profit for the company, issued as rebates or refunds to your customers, or have it shared between the two.




2. How Will a Warranty Program Help Your Business?

Warranty products provide you with an accurate estimate of the quality, durability, and longevity of your products and services. You hear from your customers with near real-time alerts regarding deficiencies.


The feedback your receive allows you to create highly targeted marketing strategies based on member behaviour and reactions to your products or services.


If you are considering expanding or evolving your product or service, the information gathered through the warranty program is invaluable. You have access to unbiased, unfiltered data to determine any necessary or desired improvements and innovations.


3. What is the Process to Set Up a Besure Warranty Program?

Besure’s warranty creation and management software will enable you to create a full-service warranty program in fewer than 5 days.

  • You will meet with someone from our team to outline your needs and create your program.
  • A Virtual Actuary will determine the price, minimum join thresholds and coverage periods.
  • Our team will design marketing products for you.
  • You will be trained in the administration and operations of your warranty.
  • All claims will be adjudicated by you on the Besure system.
  • You will review claims, evidence and recall customer profiles on the Besure system to process cases quickly and efficiently.


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