Are you tired of traditional insurance policies that never work in your favour? Besure offers an innovative type of self-insurance that helps you protect the things you value most.

Besure is a P2P insurance platform that allows individuals to proactively guard against life’s setbacks through community risk sharing - the joining together of friends, family, and/or like-minded people who value protecting the same things.  

This type of self-insurance puts you in complete control of the insurance process and allows you, along with your other pool members, to decide:

  • What you want to insure and protect.
  • The terms of this protection.
  • How much you want to pay for this protection.
  • Whether or not a pool member’s claim should be paid.

A Self-Insurance Policy That Puts You in Complete Control

Unlike traditional insurance, Besure takes the power from big corporations and puts it in YOUR hands. Our risk-sharing platform is an innovative service that works to take care of you and everything you value.

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How Besure Works



How Besure’s Platform Ensures Quick & Effective Claims Approvals

Besure is different from traditional insurance companies because it is a risk sharing platform. It works because we are a community - our members share the same values, interests, passions, and understand that we are all in this together.


Our focus of insurance is on cooperation and the well-being of our members. In fact, Besure’s community risk-sharing is particularly effective when it comes to getting claims filed because:

  • Those who are assessing your claim share the same risks as you and so they know exactly what you are experiencing.
  • All members of the pool are carefully selected and share the same goal of seeing community members successfully self-insure.
  • Our volunteer jurors have pledged to assess claims in good faith and abide by Besure’s values of cooperation and community.
  • Reviewing a claim with Besure is an extremely simple procedure that takes only a few minutes.

Besure FAQs



How to Submit a Claim with Besure

At Besure, we have designed the claim submission process to be as quick, simple, and pain-free as possible. All you have to do is fill out the 3-step Claim Submission Form. This includes:

  1. Step One - Explanation: This is where you input the amount of your claim, select the data of the incident, and provide any details about the occurrence.

  2. Step Two - Evidence: You will upload the claims requirement evidence, as specified by your pool. This includes any documents or pictures. You can rest assured that all uploaded evidence is stored securely and will only be temporarily accessible to the community court.

  3. Step Three - Review: The jurors in your pool will review your claim and all uploaded documents. Approved claims are paid 6-8 days after the end of the month.


When Should I Submit a Claim?

You should submit your claim as soon as possible following your loss or incident. However, all claims MUST be submitted in the month in which they occurred (with a deadline of 2 days past the end of the month).


How Many Claims Can I Submit?

You have the right to make one claim submission during the coverage period. That’s why it’s important to make claims only when a significant loss has occurred. Whether approved or denied, once a ‘right to claim’ has been exhausted, you won’t be able to make another claim in the pool.



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