Are you intrigued by the concept of P2P insurance and wondering how it can benefit you? Here are 8 ways Besure accomplishes true P2P insurance and how this risk sharing platform can offer you affordable and comprehensive coverage for the things you value most. 

Peer to Peer insurance is an innovative concept that is based on the idea of spreading the responsibility of an adverse event across a community or group of people. This means that no individual will have to shoulder the burden of a worst-case scenario alone. 


In the context of risk sharing, P2P means: 


  • Members connect directly and not through an intermediary 
  • All funding comes from pool members directly 
  • All claims are adjudicated by volunteers among the group of contributing members
  • Pool members have greater control over the terms of their policy 

Besure and Risk Sharing: Insurance That Always Works in Your Favor 


Unlike with traditional forms of insurance, Besure’s online platform ensures that you have complete control of the terms of your policy and the insurance process. With our technology and various pools, you will be able to participate directly in personalized self insurance that guards you against life’s most unfortunate setbacks. 


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8 Ways Besure Achieves True P2P Insurance


Loss can take many different forms, be it financial, social, and/or emotional. With Besure’s P2P risk sharing platform, the impact of this loss can be shared amongst a community so you don’t have to shoulder the responsibility alone. 


By joining a Besure pool, you can protect yourself from whatever form that burden takes and if you have been affected by a negative event, be it the damage of your electrical device, the illness of a beloved pet, or the loss of a musical instrument, you’ll be able to lean on your community members for advice, as well as emotional and financial support. 




Besure achieves true P2P insurance by: 


  • Bringing people with common interests and insurance needs together 
  • Placing member contributions into a virtual jar which is totally liquid and accessible 
  • Refunding any unused funds back to members at the end of the policy period 
  • Eliminating the middleman or intermediary 
  • Allowing a peer-driven adjudication process 
  • Maintaining a high moral standard and a low incidence of false claims 
  • Providing complete transparency to all pool members 
  • Boasting a minimal administrative burden and low overhead

How Can This Benefit Me? 


If you are tired of the limitations of traditional insurance companies, then you may want to consider starting a Besure pool. There are many benefits to this type of risk sharing model, including: 

  • Lower costs. By using an online platform and eliminating many functions played by the insurance company, Besure boasts lower administrative and overhead cost, resulting in lower premiums for YOU. 
  • Enhanced transparency. One of the most frustrating characteristics of traditional insurance companies is the opaque process. You don’t know how much of your premium is actually benefiting you. With a P2P network, all of the information you require is readily available and all the processes are completely transparent. 
  • You can enjoy greater value. Because no profits are being funneled to salaries, bonuses, or benefits, the premium rate you pay will truly represent the amount required to ensure your pool can handle the claims filed by members. 


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