For millennials, current obligations such as student loans, mortgages and other debt can be roadblocks to purchasing insurance. Here’s how insuretech companies such as Besure can help the younger generation buy insurance.

When it comes to insurance, many millennials understand the financial risk of not having it, but most don’t understand what kind of policy they need or how to go about procuring it.

On top of that, certain roadblocks exist to prevent them from investing in insurance, such as:

  • Student loans
  • Mortgages
  • Credit card debt
  • A lack of awareness that they need to secure their financial future

The good news? Insuretech can help clear several of these roadblocks by providing young people with a more personalized, intimate, and affordable insurance experience.

Community Risk Sharing That Puts You First

Insurtech companies such as Besure harness the power of technology, community, and social media to provide Millennials with a convenient, quick, and affordable way to stay insured and protect the things that matter most to them. 

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How Besure Helps Millennials Achieve Their Insurance Needs

While traditional insurance companies may still remain relevant amongst the older generation, younger consumers (ie. millennials) are looking for services that are based on convenience, simplicity, and personalization. 

This means that a huge number of young consumers are shifting towards P2P insurance companies.

Some of the great financial benefits offered by companies such as Besure include:

  • Greater transparency
  • Lower premiums
  • Ease of use
  • Lower risk of fraud
  • Much easier and straight-forward claims process



Insurance Apps For Millenials on the Go

In today’s society, younger people require the ability to communicate and carry on with their daily activities while still on the go. While this has proved to be a huge challenge for traditional insurance companies, P2P start-ups have developed mobile insurance apps which customers can download straight onto their cellphones.

Such apps may allow you to: 

  • Get an insurance quote
  • Make small changes to your policy
  • File a claim
  • Check the status of your claim
  • Keep track of the payments made on your claim

For millennials who are increasingly looking for online services, a mobile insurance app gives them the convenience and peace of mind, knowing that they can deal with a situation all from their very own hand-held device.

P2P Insurance: It’s About More Than Just Money

P2P Insurance companies recognize that loss and disaster can take many different forms, be it social, emotional, or financial. Whatever your burden, joining a Besure pool provides you with a strong support system.

If you have been affected by a negative event, whether it’s the death of a pet or the loss of your cellphone, Besure creates a space for you to lean on your pool members for:

  • Financial support
  • Advice
  • Emotional Support

P2P insurance not only lessens an individual’s financial burden, but it also works to reduce the overall chances of negative events occurring to members by giving them access to other people’s knowledge, experience, and skills.

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