Peer to peer insurance is an innovative type of risk sharing that allows you to protect anything you value. From creating a self insurance policy to making claims, here’s how the Besure team can help you successfully self-insure.

As one of the very first businesses to offer true peer-to-peer insurance in Canada, Besure is passionate about enabling individuals to come together as a community to protect the things that matter most to them.

In so doing, this risk sharing platform allows you, along with your pool members, to:

  • Agree on the risks protected
  • Have total control over your self-insurance policy
  • Have your claims adjudicated fairly and quickly by your own pool members
  • Contribute to the risk coverage using best actuarial practices

Flexible and Customised Self Insurance Policies Give You Total Peace of Mind

Life is often unpredictable, but whatever your needs, Besure’s P2P insurance platform offers you an affordable and efficient way to protect the most important things in your life, from your home and musical instrument, to your beloved pet.

When you join Besure, you’ll be able to participate directly in self-insurance and protect yourself from any of life’s challenges through community risk sharing.

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How Besure Helps You Successfully Self-Insure

Through risk-sharing pools (born from common needs), Besure provides a fresh alternative to the traditional insurance model. It works by empowering individuals to cover conceivably anything, so long as interest for it exists.

Pools are initiated, defined, and customized based on user-specifications, which include:

  • What to cover
  • The costs each pool member wishes to pay
  • The coverage amounts they need
  • The policy period




Besure is NOT Insurance

In order for Besure to achieve true P2P insurance, it cannot provide insurance indemnity or offer guarantees of any kind.

Consider this:
Two band members put their money in a rainy-day account, in case one of their instruments break. Building upon this, they invite the rest of their band to contribute to the fund, spreading the cost and risk further.

Who is providing insurance? Every band member contributing to the pool.

In the same way, there is no formal contract with Besure, only a community of like-minded people who share knowledge, information, and distribute risk. They are bound by a promise in the form of a small contribution to a larger cause.



Besure Facilitates The Process to Help You Successfully Self Insure

As a community or pool grows, it can become more difficult and inefficient to administer, especially when it comes to making claims.

Besure provides pool members with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform in which they can easily submit claims, information, and contact other pool members. Besure digitized the fundamental tenets of insurance and then wrapped them in a social-media style format.

This is ideal for:

  • Engagement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Stability
  • Risk-sharing
  • Risk management
  • Risk distribution  




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