Besure is an innovative type of self-insurance that brings together like-minded people, allowing them to protect what matters most them. Learn more about this type of community risk sharing & why our claim approval rates are so high. 

Besure is an innovative and revolutionary type of self-insurance that taps into the power of a shared economy, uniting groups of like-minded people to help them achieve lower rates and a more transparent, efficient process.

The basic features are:

  • a group of peers join together to create their own insurance pool
  • each member will pay the agreed amount for a set period of time
  • pre-selected jurors from within the pool will adjudicate the claims
  • if there is any money left over after the pool’s term, individuals will be refunded

Successfully Self-Insure & Protect What Matters Most To You With Besure

Besure offers Calgary’s first P2P insurance product: a smart new way to protect the things that matter most to you. Through community risk-sharing, you can participate directly in self-insurance and guard yourself against life’s difficult and unexpected moments.

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What Exactly Is Community Risk Sharing?

Community risk sharing is the act of spreading the burden of a negative event amongst a community so that no individual has to take on the consequences of a worst-case scenario by themselves.

We’re all in it together

A Besure risk sharing pool is a ‘we’re all in it together’ support system put into place to protect the community from whatever setbacks or unfortunate events occur. The affected individual is able to turn to their peers for:

  • emotional support
  • advice
  • financial support (by filing a claim)

Community risk sharing works to lessen an individual’s financial burden, but is also very effective in reducing the overall chance of negative events occurring as member knowledge (experience, skills, tips) become communal knowledge.

How Besure Works

How Besure Empowers The Community For Claim Approval

Besure is different and more effective than traditional forms of insurance because it is a risk-sharing platform. It works so well because members form a community; one that shares the same values, passions, and who understand that they are all in this together.

This type of self-insurance focuses on the cooperation and well-being of the community and results in a very successful claims process because:

  • Bringing like-minded people together means there is an escalated sense of social responsibility, as well as a reduction in incidents requiring claims due to the exchange of knowledge.
  • The volunteer jurors pledge to assess all claims in good faith and always follow Besure’s values of cooperation and community.
  • Those who are assessing your claim are part of your community; they share the same interests as you, have experienced the same risks, and so know exactly what you are experiencing.
  • All pool members are very carefully selected to ensure they share Besure’s goal of seeing the community empowered to successfully self-insure.
  • The claim procedure is an extremely simple one and takes only minutes for jurors to review.

Rewarding This Sense of Community

At Besure, we do everything in our power to help you successfully self-insure and protect your most valued items. To make the claims approval process even more efficient, we reward the group’s social responsibility by returning any unused funds to members that did not make a claim.

This can then be used as you wish, whether you want to re-invest in other pools or subsidize the next cycle of your existing pool.

3 Consumer Benefits Of P2P Insurance

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