Peer to peer insurance is both an ancient and modern concept. Besure is an innovative peer to peer insurance platform created to provide options for protecting anything that is important to you. Learn about the core fundamentals of the Besure Concept.


Besure does not sell insurance. It facilitates peer to peer insurance pools, offering a platform for community protection. A pool of people with common interests and insurance needs deposit funds into a shared pot to provide risk protection for all members. Based on the older reality of communities supporting one another during times of loss, Besure has applied a layer of advanced technology to provide a “we’re all in it together” community of protection that is easy to use.


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Besure provides you with the platform to be in control of your insurance. Our risk-sharing platform is an innovative service that works to provide community protection for you and everything you value.


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Core Fundamentals of the Besure Concept

While acknowledging its roots in the history of community protection, and pooling funds to provide insurance in a time of need, Besure’s peer to peer model is vastly different from the one size fits all method of traditional insurance. Here’s how it works:


1. All members of a pool must share the same risks and contribute equally. They are all bound by the same rules and conditions.


2. All members must have the same interest in seeing the group empowered to successfully self-insure. If someone does not share the same financial and moral interests as the community, they cannot participate or have a say in its decision-making.


3. Power must be decentralized and distributed among the community members. This applies to decisions such as claims adjudication. In the current system, we are told that this requires an expert. But that was not always the case in the distant past when coverage was not so convoluted. Besure regards true experts as those who encounter risks on a day-to-day basis. For example, as a subject matter expert, a guitarist within the community is best suited to review and adjudicate on a broken guitar claim.




5. Besure subscribes to a completely hands-off approach and simply acts as a facilitator and technology provider.


6. All pools are community-ideated.The responsibility is on the pool sponsors or creators to leverage marketing tools available to them attract other members in order to achieve a statistically significant member activation threshold.


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