Besure was created to help improve individuals' quality of life by offering an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. Our partnership with Future Smiles Denture Clinic is the perfect example of this philosophy in action.


Besure: Helping You Protect The Things You Value Most

Besure was designed with the intent of helping small businesses, communities, and groups sharing similar interests self-insure through sound actuarial methodologies and a simplified, self-administering platform.

Whether it’s long-term denture care you need, or insurance for your pet, vehicle or vintage musical instrument, we help you protect the most important items in and parts of your life, as our case study with Future Smiles demonstrates.


How Besure Works



The Problem: Underinsurance Prevents Clients From Getting The Crucial Denture Care They Need

Exploratory research commissioned by Future Smiles Denture Clinic determined that there was a gap in acceptable treatment standards due to insufficient coverage.

The study demonstrated that:

  • the majority of individuals interviewed did not have sufficient insurance coverage of funds for crucial ongoing denture care.
  • underinsurance was a major roadblock to delivering the standard of denture care that Future Smiles strives to achieve

In other words, many senior citizens in Calgary with dentures were not getting the ongoing care and denture maintenance that they required, due to high costs. 



The Solution: An Innovative Self-Insurance Product That Works Through Community Protection  

Leveraging the innovative Besure community protection platform, a leading Calgary denture clinic, Future Smiles, is now offering repair and replacement protection to both new and existing patients/

Regardless of whether the patient is new or has been previously treated elsewhere, this unique self-insurance initiative will ensure that they can receive the highest level of care and attention when it comes to their replacement teeth, without having to forego treatment for fear of high fees.

Key Facts

  • Since the launch of the program, Future Smiles has on-boarded nearly 100 satisfied clients and improved close rates by 25%.
  • Patients from other clinics are always welcome to join the program.
  • Simply visit Future Smiles and the team will bring your appliance up to their high standard and you’ll qualify for the Protected Denture program.

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How The Protected Denture Program Is Making A Difference

The impact that good denture health has on overall wellness cannot be overstated. With the right appliance and a consistent maintenance protocol, a high-quality tooth replacement solution will:

  • drastically improve patients' quality of life
  • allow patients to speak and chew easily and with confidence
  • improve patients' appearance and self-esteem
  • enhance patients' oral health
We believe that no one should have to compromise their health just because of insufficient insurance coverage and we’re always striving to find creative solutions for opening up access to better standards of care for our clients.

Through this collaborative community protection program, patients can now rest assured that you’ll always receive the quality denture service you deserve.

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