Are you prone to breaking or damaging your tech? Besure is based on a unique concept of peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance that can help you protect everything you value at an affordable price. 

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) insurance is based on the concept of spreading the burden of a negative or adverse event across a community. This means that no individual needs to shoulder the consequences of a worst-case scenario alone.

In the context of risk sharing, Peer-to-Peer means:

  • Members connect directly and not through an intermediary.
  • No-one should stand between a pool member and the other pool members.
  • All pool funding comes from members, directly.
  • All claims are adjudicated solely by volunteers among that same group of contributing members.

Besure’s P2P Insurance Takes Care of You

As with traditional forms of insurance, Besure’s P2P insurance platform offers a risk-sharing and protection service that works to take care of you and everything you value. With our online platform, you have complete control over the process. You’ll be able to participate directly in personalised self-insurance that guards you against some of life’s most unfortunate events.

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How Besure Works



Besure’s P2P Insurance Is About More Than Just Money

Loss can take many different forms: it can be financial, but also emotional and social. With P2P insurance, the impact of this loss can be distributed within a community so you don’t have to shoulder the responsibility alone.

This type of insurance protects the community from whatever form the burden takes and an individual who has been affected by a negative event, be it the damage of a smartphone or the illness of a pet, can lean on their peers for emotional support, advice, or financial help.

To ensure the integrity of this, and to provide its members with the best possible service, Besure follows 6 fundamental rules:

  1. All members of the pool must share the same risks.
  2. All members must have contributed equally to the pool.
  3. All members must agree to the same terms of use and pool bylaws.
  4. Members who don’t share the same financial and moral interest as other members will not be allowed to join the pool.
  5. Members who don’t share the same financial or moral interests as the group will not be able to take part in claims decision-making.
  6. All members have control over the process. Intermediaries and corporations have no power, influence, or contribution to a pool, its operations, or outcomes.



What Role Does Besure Play?

Besure provides the technology that makes peer-to-peer insurance and community connectivity possible, allowing individuals to manage their risks affordably. In addition, Besure:

  • empowers individuals within the rising sharing economy to cover conceivably anything as long as interest for it exists
  • provides a fresh alternative to the traditional insurance model
  • acts as a natural firewall for member selection
  • validates the existence of a common need that is foundational in forming a communal bond

Besure accomplishes true P2P within insurance by:

  • bringing people with common needs/interests together
  • depositing member contributions into a ‘virtual jar’ which is completely liquid and accessible
  • refunding any unused funds back to members
  • not having a middle-man or intermediary
  • maintaining a high moral standard and lower incidence of false claims
  • providing complete transparency
  • having a minimal administrative burden, low overhead, and the socialized acquisition of communities
  • having peer-driven adjudication

How Besure Puts You In Control



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