Are you looking for affordable & transparent renter’s insurance? Here’s why you should start your own Besure pool for renter’s insurance and 7 little things you should make sure you add to your policy.

Approximately 70% of Canadians own their own homes and while many people view renting as a stepping stone towards eventually buying a home, renting actually carries a number of benefits that can make it a much wiser choice than buying for certain people.

Renting will:

  • Lower your monthly costs
  • Lower ownership expenses
  • Give you greater flexibility
  • Free you of home maintenance and repair responsibilities
  • Allow you to save more money


Start a Besure Pool For Renter’s Insurance

Are you looking for affordable, fair, and customizable renters insurance? Then why not start a Besure pool today. By harnessing the power of the sharing economy and social networking, Besure’s P2P platform allows you to pool your resources together with other renters to protect your valuables and lower your financial risk.

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7 Things to Include in Your Besure Renter’s Insurance Policy

If disaster strikes, your landlord’s property insurance won’t protect your personal belongings. Renters insurance can cover all of your valuables and other items from any catastrophic events such as fire, water damage, lighting, theft, and vandalism.

By creating a Besure pool with other renters, you can protect your belongings in an affordable and transparent way. Here are 7 things should include on your Besure renter’s insurance policy:

  1. Hotel costs after a disaster: Nothing is worse than having to couch surf while your apartment is undergoing repair following a disaster. Make sure your policy includes an ‘additional living expenses’ coverage in case your apartment becomes uninhabitable following a disaster. Such coverage can reimburse you for the cost to stay in a hotel or rent another apartment.
  1. Damage your child causes. Renter’s insurance can also cover any damage you or your family members cause in someone else’s apartment. This means that if your child breaks a neighbor’s valuable antique or other item, your policy could pay to replace it.
  1. Medical expenses for injured guests. Accidents can happen so make sure to include medical expenses for injured guests in your policy. In this case, your insurance could pay for your guest’s medical bills up to the policy’s limit.
  1. Injury caused by pets. This is important especially if you have a dog. Your renter’s insurance could provide coverage if your dog bites someone, whether it’s on or off your property.
  1. Legal costs. If you accidentally hurt someone, or a guest gets injured in your apartment and sues you, you want to make sure that the liability coverage on your renter’s policy can cover your legal costs and court awards, up to a certain policy limit. You can choose the amount of insurance when you are creating the policy.
  1. Cover items in your possession. Make sure your policy covers things ‘in your possession.’ This means that it will cover damage or loss of any property you own, or that you have borrowed or rented.
  1. Consider off-premises coverage: Your policy can cover you when you’re away from home for any of the perils listed on the policy. This means that if a thief steals things out of your car, or your luggage is lost, the insurance policy can cover any costs.


Get the Ultimate Protection By Joining a Besure Pool

If you’re looking for an affordable, transparent, and fair renter’s insurance policy, that provides an easy claim’s process and quick payout, then why not create or join a Besure pool today? By gathering your resources together with other renters, you can achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your personal belongings will always be protected.


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