Are you considering making the switch to peer to peer insurance? Besure is based on the concept of community risk protection and offers consumers a convenient and affordable method of insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Community risk protection is a risk management technique in which a group of like-minded individuals set aside a pool of money to be used to remedy an unexpected loss. When you create or join a Besure pool, you can self-insure against any type of loss, whether it’s the loss of a cellphone or a pet’s illness. 


Some of the incredible benefits of community risk protection include: 

  • There is less likelihood of false claims
  • You and your group have total control over the process
  • No intermediaries (eg. brokers or insurance companies) are involved
  • The claims process is fairer, easier, and faster
  • At the end of each coverage period, any leftover money is returned to pool members
  • You also receive emotional support and advice to get you through the loss 


Community Risk Protection Services That See You Through Life’s Difficult Moments

At Besure, we know that life is unpredictable and may throw some difficult challenges in your path, compromising your financial stability. Whatever your needs, our innovative community risk protection platform gives you an affordable and convenient method to protect the things you value most. 


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How Do I Know if Joining a Besure Pool is Right For Me? 6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself First 

Besure is based on the innovative concept of peer to peer insurance, a revolutionary type of self-insurance that taps into the power of the shared economy, uniting groups of family, friends, and/or peers to help them achieve lower rates and a more transparent and efficient insurance process. 


While joining a Besure pool can be incredibly beneficial, there are some key questions you should ask yourself before beginning: 


1. What kind of things can I cover with a Besure pool? There are no limits to what you can insure with Besure. As long as you create a pool with enough members who share the same interests and passions, you can cover conceivably anything you want.


3 Non-Traditional Items You Can Cover With Besure


2. Do I have to pay a subscription fee? No, Besure doesn’t require a paid subscription. However, after your pool has been funded and launched, Besure holds 10% of the funds for administration of the platform. 


3. How often can I submit a claim and when should I submit it? Pool members are allowed to submit one claim during the coverage period and all claims must be submitted as soon as possible following the loss or event. Claims must be submitted in the month they occurred. 


4. When will my claim get paid? Typically, your claim will be paid 6-8 days after the end of the month. 


5. How much does it cost to join a Besure pool? Each Besure pool is unique, which means so are the costs. The pool members will determine the pool’s cost during its creation.


6. How to leave a pool once it is started? Once a pool has launched, your contribution will be locked into the pool for the duration of the coverage period. Removing any funds at this point can negatively impact member coverage. However, before the pool launches, you can leave at any time. Doing so will automatically credit your account. 


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