Are you looking for an innovative and smart new method of self-insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat? Learn more about the core concepts of Besure’s P2P insurance & how we help protect the things you value most. 

Besure is a community-based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that enables individuals, businesses, and groups with common needs, interests, and goals to share risks. The platform was created to provide people with the functionalities and tools needed to manage existing self-insurance relationships safely and securely.

Some of the benefits of P2P insurance vs traditional insurance include:

  • it provides a more transparent process
  • filings claims is much easier and more efficient
  • you are in complete control of your insurance terms
  • it provides lower premiums

Besure’s P2P Insurance Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Besure’s P2P Insurance offers a bold and smart new way to protect the most important things in your life. Through community risk sharing, you can participate directly in ‘self-insurance’ that protects you in some of life’s most challenging situations.

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6 Core Concepts of Besure’s P2P Insurance

In today’s technologically-driven society, where more and more transactions are being carried out online, many people are questioning the efficiency and relevance of traditional insurance approaches.

P2P insurance is an innovative alternative that utilises the power of a shared economy, uniting groups of like-minded consumers to help them achieve lower rates and a more transparent process.

Here are the 6 basic concepts of Besure’s ‘self-insurance’ product:

1. All members in a Besure pool must share the same risks and contribute equally. In addition, they will all be bound by the same rules and conditions.

2. It’s imperative that all individuals in the pool share an interest in seeing the group empowered to successfully self-insure. If someone doesn’t share the same financial and moral interests as the rest of the group, they cannot participate in its decision making.

3. Power is decentralized and distributed amongst members of the community. This applies especially to decisions such as claim adjudication.

4. Besure is dedicated to a completely hands-off approach and acts as a facilitator between pools and a technology provider.

6. Pools are totally managed by the group and they use Besure’s tools and technology for assistance.

7. All pools are community-ideated. This means that the responsibility for creating pools and attracting other members in order to achieve the activation threshold lies on the pool sponsors or creators.


What Kind of Items Do Besure Pools Cover?

The main concept of insurance is to give individuals peace of mind by offering them security: a backup in case of the unexpected such as an accident, illness, break-in, or worse, and while this does an excellent job of protecting you against the ‘big scenarios’, what about the smaller things that matter just as much?

Through risk-sharing pool created from common interests and needs, Besure’s P2P platform offers an innovative alternative to the traditional insurance model, empowering individuals to cover ANYTHING they care about.


This includes:

  • cellphones
  • musical instruments
  • weddings
  • pets
  • holidays

We all have our unique passions that we are interested in protecting. As long as someone else shares that same passion, it can be protected by Besure.


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