Financial Technology (Fintech) is a new industry that aims to make financial services, such as banking and insurance, more accessible to the general public. Here are 5 ways it can benefit you.

Financial Technology (FinTech) is defined as any technological innovation in financial services. Those engaged in the industry seek to develop new technologies to disrupt traditional institutions such as insurance companies and banks.

Besure is one such FinTech innovation: a community risk-sharing platform that offers customized risk sharing protection for the things you value most. 



  • It protects you against risks that no traditional insurance will cover.
  • The power of decision belongs to you.
  • Your peers can provide financial and emotional support, as well as advice.
  • Any funds left over after your coverage has ended are returned to the members.
  • Member knowledge becomes communal knowledge, lessening the change of negative events happening.

Besure vs Traditional Insurance



Comprehensive Risk Protection For The Things You Value Most

Free of the many cons of traditional insurance, Besure uses the principles of FinTech to empower individuals to come together within the community to protect the things they value most.


Are you searching for risk protection that will allow you to live more freely and confidently?


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4 Consumer Benefits of FinTech

FinTech is the use of innovative technology to deliver a wide range of financial products and services. It aims to create a more convenient, flexible, and faster consumer experience and has been used effectively in many business segments including:

  • insurance
  • mobile Payments
  • investment Management
  • fund-raising

There has been a rapid growth of FinTech across the world, and this has resulted in many benefits for consumers, including:

1. Faster Rate of Approval. FinTech has the potential to increase accessibility and greatly speed up the rate of approval for finance or insurance. In fact, in many situations, the application and approval process can be completed within 24 hours.

2. Greater Convenience. Many FinTech companies, such as Besure, make great use of mobile connectivity to enhance the efficiency and convenience of transactions. With consumers using smartphones and tablets to manage their finances, FinTech businesses can streamline their processes and provide a better customer experience.

3. More Personalized Service. FinTech firms not only enjoy lower operating costs, but they can more easily react to consumers’ individual needs because they have greater access to a range of information about them.

4. Advanced Security. Harnessing the latest mobile technologies has resulted in FinTech companies investing in major security to ensure consumer data is kept safe. A few of the latest security options used by such companies include biometric data and encryption.

6. Lower Costs. FinTech companies are able to give their consumers the advantage of lower premiums than those associated with traditional firms because they rid themselves of any brick and mortar costs such as rent, advertising, and salaries, and instead invest money in their clients.



4 Ways FinTech is Disruptive

Once considered a back-end, data center processing platform, FinTech has recently come to be known as the basis for end-to-end processing of transactions over the internet. The disruptive forces that have reshaped FinTech include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance products, which are becoming more tailored to customers.
  • The growth of online shopping, leading to the dominance of cashless solution for transactions.
  • A shifting balance of power that swings from the banks and other financial services to the customer.
  • New trading platforms that are collecting data to create an aggregated market view and using analytics to uncover trends.


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