Do you want to have more control over your self-insurance policy? Advancements in technology have hugely disrupted the traditional insurance industry, and one of these innovative ideas is peer-to-peer insurance.

Besure is founded upon the concept of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) insurance, which aims to create a community of like-minded individuals who come together to create their own self-insurance policies and bypass traditional insurance companies.

This type of self-insurance can have many benefits, including:

  • Greater control over the process
  • Lower consumer costs
  • Less likelihood of fraud
  • Easier and faster claims process

Transparent and Flexible Self Insurance Policies

Whatever your self-insurance needs, our online platform offers a smart, convenient, and affordable way to protect the things you value most, from your beloved pet to your most prized musical instrument.

By joining a Besure pool, you can participate in self-insurance and create a policy that works for you, and helps guard you against any of life’s unexpected setbacks.

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How Do I Know If I Should Self Insure?

While peer-to-peer insurance is gaining popularity, it isn’t the first thing that comes to consumers’ minds when thinking of insurance, because traditionally, the sale and distribution of insurance has been done by third parties including brokers and insurers.

With such intermediaries, the fees begin to add up, and your insurance will turn out to be a complex and expensive business. So why not opt for a more flexible and affordable alternative?

Besure Offers You A Fresh Take in Insurance

In today’s digital world, where more and more transactions are taking place online, you may have started to question the relevance of old-style business approaches, and you may be thinking about seeking out alternatives.

Besure’s P2P insurance platform offers an innovative type of self-insurance that allows a group of family members, friends, or peers, to come together to form their own insurance pool.

Benefits of Besure’s P2P Platform

Joining a Besure pool and obtaining insurance in self-selecting groups can have many advantages, including:

  • Your pool members will be more honest, lowering the risk of fraud.
  • As a community, your pool members will want to see you succeed, so the claims approval will be fast, transparent, and most often, successful. (Learn More)
  • It improves the quality of risk.
  • It provides both financial and emotional support to members during times of difficulty. (Learn More)
  • It gives you total control over your insurance policy and doesn’t require traditional intermediaries.

How to Join a Besure Pool

At Besure, we strive to make every step of the insurance process as easy and straightforward as possible. Joining a pool is a very easy procedure that can be done in three steps:

  1. Find or Create a Pool

To start with, you must find a Besure pool that fits your needs. This can be done through invite or exploring our page. If you can’t find a suitable pool, you can always have us create one for you by:

  • Suggesting a pool (eg. for musical instruments, job loss, travel insurance)
  • Having our team create it for you
  • Inviting your friends, family, or peers to join
  • Keeping it private or opening it up to the public  
  1. Join the Pool

One you have identified your pool of choice, you must join it! This is done by:

  • Signing up with Besure
  • Creating a personal profile
  • Joining your pool of interest
  • Uploading any required evidence documents
  • Paying the contribution amount (which is pool specific)
  1. File a Claim

If you have suffered from an event and want to make a claim from your pool, this can be done by filling out a 3-step claim submission form. This claim will then be voted on by a community court, who will simply ensure you meet the pool requirements and that you’ve provided the right type of evidence, before approving your claim.




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