Are you on the fence about switching to peer-to-peer insurance? Here are 5 surprising benefits of becoming part of a Besure risk protection group.

Besure was founded on the innovative concept of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) insurance. It aims to create a risk sharing network of like minded individuals, providing them a method through which they can pool their premiums together to insure against a common risk.

Peer to Peer insurance (P2P) is an innovative concept that aims to create a risk-sharing network of like minded individuals, giving them a platform to insure against a common risk and save money on insurance through:

  • Fewer inefficiencies
  • Fewer fraudulent claims
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • A simple and transparent claims approval process


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From our insurance app to our transparent claims approval process, everything about Besure’s insurance process is far, efficient, convenient, and it always works in your favour. Our peer to peer insurance platform gives you an affordable way to protect the things you value most, from your beloved pet to your home.

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5 Surprising Benefits of Joining a Besure Risk Protection Group

Besure offers customers an innovative P2P insurance platform, but it’s more than that. At Besure, our team is committed to creating a community of people who cannot only join their resources, but also share their knowledge and provide critical support to members in times of need.

If you are on the fence about switching to P2P insurance, here are 5 surprising benefits you’ll receive when you belong to such a community:

  1. You’ll get the support you need. Life is surprising and it can become difficult when you least expect it. Belonging to a Besure pool will ensure that you not only receive the financial support your require to make it through these hardships, but the emotional support as well.
  1. You’ll learn from others. Because your pool will be made up of like-minded people, it’s a great way to engage with individuals who are experiencing the same risks as you. You’ll be able to relate to their challenges, learn from their mistakes, and become inspired by their victories.
  1. You’ll become more productive. One of the best things about being part of a community is that it will open you up to experiences you’ve never been exposed to. Using the Besure platform you’ll be able to share ideas, resources, and experiences, which will lead to greater innovation and productivity amongst members.
  1. You can use it as a networking experience. A Besure pool can be used to network. If you’re part of a group that is committed to helping you succeed, then why not take advantage of individual’s skill-sets and partner up on some mutually beneficial opportunities?
  2. You’ll gain a sense of belonging. A unique benefit of Besure’s peer to peer insurance platform is that it gives you a great sense of belonging. You’ll be able to live freely and without worry because you can benefit from the security and feeling of inclusion that comes from being a member of a group of people you trust.


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