Do you have a unique insurance need? We have 4 tips for establishing a successful P2P Besure Community Pool!


Not sure what Peer to Peer insurance is or how it might answer your particular insurance needs? In simple terms, P2P insurance is a community looking after the needs of one another. They gather to provide support when the others in their community need it. A Besure Community Pool allows a group of like-minded individuals to come together to protect against a shared risk.


The benefits to you are many:

  • More cost-effective because there is no overhead due to Besure’s use of digital P2P technology
  • Greater involvement – when a claim is made, members of your group will determine whether it is valid or not
  • Funds remaining in the pool at the end of the coverage period are shared by all members who did not file a successful claim.

A Besure Insurance pool can provide coverage for your unique needs

When you join a Besure P2P community pool, you are in control of the cost, the particulars and the payment of claims. Would you like to know more about Besure peer to peer insurance?




So many great things can happen when a community of people with common interests and life experiences gather together. Creating a Besure Community Pool allows you to provide coverage to something that is precious to you while letting everyone share and participate in the group. Call it a team, a tribe or a pool. What you make of it is up to you!




4 Tips For Establishing a Successful Besure Community Pool


1. Gather a group of like-minded people who share your insurance needs and discuss exactly what your ideal insurance would look like. What would be covered and why? Consider everyone’s ideas as valuable as you brainstorm. Encourage communication and be sensitive to the feelings of the members of the group.


2. Establish the insurance needs and the goals of your particular insurance policy. Creating a peer to peer insurance pool will allow you to target the specific needs of your group once you have clearly identified them.


3. Contribute. In a new group we may feel reluctant to share what we know but your Besure community pool will be more valuable if you participate by offering your:

  • Knowledge
  • Time
  • Support

4. Foster a sense of belonging within your group. Your Besure community pool can be more than a group of like-minded people seeking insurance. In choosing to be part of the pool, you have identified others who share your hobbies, interests, life skills, etc. Make use of the forums to communicate and offer support to one another. Connect around your shared experiences.


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