Do you have a product or service you stand behind 100%? Would you like to find a way to convey your confidence to customers? Here are 4 benefits in offering a warranty program.


It can be challenging to set yourself apart from competitors and finding ways to encourage customers to spend their money with you rather than someone else can be tough.


It is essential to be the best at understanding the wants and needs of your customers in order to provide them with the right product or service. Once you have something that you are confident in, one way to assure them of your confidence is a warranty program.


Think warranties are only offered by big companies on already popular products? Think again! Besure offers a turnkey warranty creation and management software that could provide a warranty program to your existing and new customers in under 5 days. Meet with one of our onboarding specialists to design your warranty program today!




4 Benefits of a Warranty Program


1. Increase Sales and Revenue

Not only does a warranty program provide your customers with peace of mind and lower risk, but it will also improve the chances that they will take a risk with a new product or service. Net profits on warranty program sales can contribute significantly to overall income in part because claims on warranties are low.


2. You'll Receive Insight You Can Act On

A warranty program gives immediate reporting and feedback. You’ll be able to hear from your customers regarding when they experience problems and why, and you will be able to make changes to products and processes when required.


3. Develop Targeted Marketing With a Higher Probability of Success

As a business, offering a warranty program to your customers will help you assess what is important to them when they’re making a purchase decision. In addition, you’ll receive information and feedback when there are problems and you’ll be able to speak to those concerns and the solutions provided by your company.


4. Build Trust, Relationships, and Confidence in Your Customers

A unique benefit of warranties is that they offset poor customer reviews or a tarnished reputation. They will allow your customers to see that you care about their experience, not just the profit. In addition, warranties will offer your customers convenience when they need repair, maintenance, or a replacement of their product.


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