Have you always been wary of traditional insurance companies? You're not alone! Here are 5 ways Besure veers away from traditional insurance principals to offer you complete risk protection and control over the things you value most.

Insurance is tricky. It’s not like buying groceries or a shirt; it’s an intangible product - a promise that if a catastrophic event happens, you’ll have something to fall back on. While it can be tempting to question the value of insurance, there are many reasons why it’s important.

Insurance will give you:

  • financial stability
  • peace of mind
  • protection for you and your family
  • reduced stress during difficult times

Comprehensive Risk Protection For The Things You Value Most

Free of the many drawbacks of traditional insurance, Besure is a peer-to-peer platform that harnesses the power of social networking, cooperation, and the sharing economy, by empowering individuals to come together within their community to protect the things they value most.

Are you searching for risk protection that will allow you to live more freely, happily, confidently, and passionately?


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3 Ways Besure Differs From Traditional Insurance

Besure is an innovative community risk-sharing platform that veers away from the rigid principles of traditional insurance and offers customised risk-protection for the things that matter most to you, whatever that may be.


How it started

Inspired by the experiences of individuals ignored or underserved by the insurance industry, Besure is a community-driven risk sharing platform that leverages the power of social media to bring together family, friends, and like-minded people to collectively protect what matters most to them.

Here are three ways Besure differs from traditional insurance:


1. It Protects You Against Risks That No Traditional Insurance Will Cover

Traditional insurance has been designed to offer risk protection for the ‘big scenarios’ in our lives such as accidents, sudden illnesses, or death. But what about the smaller things that matter just as much?

Many items we value today such as our musical instruments, smartphones, and pets, are not always protected for loss or damage by traditional insurance. Through risk-sharing pools born from common needs, Besure offers a fresh alternative to help you cover anything you care about.

This includes:

  • your smartphone
  • musical instruments
  • your wedding  
  • your pets
  • a hole-in-one
  • the paranormal

The team at Besure has developed a portal that helps people come together in ‘pools’ and chip in for protection they can’t really get anywhere else, for just a few dollars a month.


Non-Traditional Items You Can Protect



2. The Power of Decision Belongs to You

Besure is a community-driven platform and when you start up a pool with your family, peers, or friends, you gain complete control over the entire process. Together with other members of your pool, you decide:

  • what you want to protect
  • how much you want to pay for that protection
  • the terms of your protection
  • whether or not someone’s claims should be paid

Unlike traditional insurance, it’s teamwork, peer support, and the spreading of risk between friends and pool members that make Besure work.


3. Payouts Are Easier & Faster To Get

Have you ever had to go through the tiresome bureaucratic process of getting a payout with traditional insurers? With Besure, payouts are convenient and made in just a few minutes.

They’re so efficient because:

  • your pool is made up of people who encounter the same risks as you and so understand exactly what you’re experiencing.
  • all pool members are carefully selected and share the same goal of seeing every individual in the community successfully self-insure.
  • all members pledge to assess claims in good faith and abide by the values of cooperation and community.


Community Risk Sharing



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