There is nothing more exciting than planning a trip, but you may have some “what if” concerns that occupy your mind. We have outlined three unique travel situations where a Besure travel pool could give you peace of mind.


You planned the perfect holiday, talked to people who have been there before, carefully booked your flights and chose the best hotels you could find. You packed making sure you have everything you will need and have an itinerary of fun activities planned. But what if something unexpected happens that threatens to ruin your vacation?


Looking for the right Travel Insurance in Calgary? Besure offers a fresh new approach to travel insurance to meet your unique needs. Working with a group of like-minded individuals, you create a pool to cover any type or aspect of travel you choose, and the benefits are plentiful:

  • Claims are processed quickly
  • You are in control of determining what your policy looks like
  • You decide how much coverage you need and the cost of your policy
  • Funds remaining after the end of the pool are reimbursed to the members who did not make a claim

Do you have a trip in mind and want to learn how you can create a Besure insurance pool to cover you?





3 Unique Travel Situations A Besure Pool Could Cover

You have likely heard horror stories of people’s trips completely ruined by lost luggage, an injury or a travel delay that affected their overall plans. These stories can be a reminder to us to be prepared for anything!


1. Destination Weddings are popular! It would be great as part of your planned package if you could offer your guests the option to join a Besure travel pool at a reasonable price for coverage of:

  • Lost luggage
  • Flight cancellation by the airlines or by you due to illness, work, etc.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Disasters or events that might disrupt your plans



2. Equipment Insurance. Perhaps your travel regularly requires you to take unique, expensive or difficult to replace equipment along? Perhaps it is scuba gear, musical instruments, photo or video equipment.


You do everything within your power to keep your precious belongings safe and damage-free, but sometimes things happen. You could create a Besure Pool for Insurance with others who share your profession, hobbies or interests and add coverage for your equipment


3. Activity Insurance. Sometimes we travel to see things, but often we travel for the adventures offered in a specific location. If you frequently participate in adventure activities that might be hard to get insurance for, then you know there is no one better than others like yourself to understand the relative safety of your favourite travel activities.


Perhaps consider adding this to your Destination Wedding insurance pool if you are planning to go scuba diving, horseback riding or some other activity as a group.


Customize Your Travel Insurance to Suit Your Needs

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