Besure is an innovative method of self-insurance that allows you to protect your interests by maintaining a community fund to cover possible losses rather than purchasing a traditional insurance policy. 

Besure is the first true peer-to-peer risk sharing platform. An innovative form of self-insurance, Besure’s service enables individuals to protect the things that matter to them, as well as allows them to:

  • come together as a community
  • agree on risks to be protected
  • set contributions for the risk coverage using best actuarial practices
  • have claims adjudicated by their own community

Protect The Things You Love with Besure

We all know that life can bring unexpected hurdles. Whatever your needs, Besure offers a smart new way to protect the most important parts of your life, from your beloved pet to your prized camera.

Through the Besure community, you can participate directly in self-insurance and guard against any nasty surprises through community risk sharing - the coming together of like-minded individuals who value protecting the same things you do.

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What is a Besure Pool?

A Besure pool is a gathering of resources created and owned by you, together with friends or other community members who are looking to self-insure against a common risk. Each pool is made up of people who share the same interest or need to protect against the same loss or event.

How does it work?

  • You decide as a group what you want to protect, whether it’s your pets, cellphones, or your valuable musical instruments. ( 3 Non-Traditional Items You Can Protect With a Besure Pool >)
  • You determine how you benefit from the protection.
  • You determine how much you want to pay for that protection and how much you want to protect.
  • If there are enough people who are interested in pooling together their resources for this interest, then the pool activates and you are protected for the term agreed upon by the pool members.

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Why You Should Start a Besure Pool With Friends

Besure pools are based on the concept of risk-sharing: the act of spreading the burden of life’s unexpected setbacks among a community, so that you don’t need to take on the financial and emotional burden of a worst-case scenario by yourself.


There are many benefits to starting a Besure pool with friends, including:

1. You can start a pool based on shared passions

Everyone has something they are truly passionate about protecting and as long as you have friends who share that same passion, it can be protected on Besure. Whether it’s a specific gadget, your pet, or a musical instrument, having friends with similar values is a great way to build a Besure pool.


2. You can get the required number of people to activate a pool

In order for a pool to be activated, a minimum number of members must be met. If it isn’t, the pool won’t launch and the coverage period will never begin. However, together with your like-minded friends, you can begin a pool and even utilize the power of your combined social networks to ensure you find enough members to launch your pool.


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3. You can define the terms of your self-insurance

Besure is a community-driven platform that was inspired by the experiences of those ignored or under-served by the insurance industry. When you start up a Besure pool with your friends, you take complete control of the process.

Together with your friends and other pool members, you decide:

  • what you want to protect
  • how much you want to pay for that protection
  • the protection term
  • whether or not someone’s claim should be paid

Ultimately, it’s the teamwork, support, and the spreading of risk between friends and pool members that make Besure work.


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