Besure is an innovative community risk-sharing platform that veers away from the rigid principles of traditional insurance and offers customized risk-protection for the things you value most, no matter how small. 

Inspired by the experiences of those ignored or under-served by the insurance industry, Besure is a community-driven risk protection platform that leverages the power of social media to bring family, friends, and like-minded people together to collectively protect what matters most to them.

Some of the benefits of this risk-sharing platform are that:

  • it protects you against risks that no traditional insurance will cover.
  • the power of decision belongs to you.
  • you can ask your peers for emotional support, advice, or financial help (by submitting a claim).
  • it lessens an individual’s financial burden and may also reduce the chance of negative events happening as member knowledge becomes communal knowledge.
  • any funds left over after the coverage has ended are returned to the members.

Get the Right Risk Protection For The Things You Value Most

Besure is a peer-to-peer platform that harnesses the power of social networking, co-operation, and the sharing economy by empowering individuals to come together within their community to protect the things they value most.

Are you looking for protection that will give you the freedom to live more creatively, confidently, and passionately?


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3 Non-Traditional Items You Can Protect With Besure

Insurance has been designed to give people peace of mind by offering them security: a safety net in case of an accident, sudden illness, break-in, or worse. While traditional insurance does an excellent job in offering risk-protection for these ‘big scenarios’, what about the smaller things that matter just as much?

Many items that we value such as our smartphones, glasses, or musical instruments are not protected for loss or damage by traditional insurance.

Through risk sharing pools born from common passions and needs, Besure provides a fresh alternative to the traditional insurance model, empowering individuals within the rising sharing community to cover ANYTHING they care about.


Here are 3 non-traditional items Besure helps you protect:


Musical Instruments

As a musician, you’ve probably formed a special bond with your instrument and we know just how valuable this can be. You should consider insuring your instrument if:

  • You depend on it to make a living
  • You’re always traveling with it
  • It’s cost-prohibitive to replace it
  • You have an especially valuable and expensive instrument (eg. a vintage guitar).

Insuring your instrument provides you total peace of mind. Even if you never need the coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your instrument (and your pocketbook) are protected from harm.




Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to leave the house without taking your smartphone. However, along with their impressive functionality, smartphones also come with a higher price tag.

So what happens if it slips out of your hand and falls to the pavement? Or you accidentally leave it behind in a restaurant? Ordinarily, you’ll have to replace it, which could end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

Why Join a Besure Pool For Your Cell Phone?

While you may take extra-good care of your smartphone, we all know that accidents do happen. Joining a Besure pool for your cell phone is important because:

  • replacement of a damaged or broken phone can be extremely expensive.
  • a protective case may keep your phone safe during a fall but it won’t prevent it from getting stolen, lost, or suffering irreparable water damage.
  • you’ll have peace of mind.
  • you won’t have to rely on your manufacturer warranty, which often doesn’t cover lost, stolen, or waterlogged devices.

Besure Pool Membership 101




Do you see your pet as part of your family? Join a community of dog and cat lovers who can help you keep your beloved pooch safe and protected from harm. Joining a pool to keep your pet protected and insured can have many benefits, including:

  • saves you money when your pet is injured or ill
  • empowers you to not have to choose between financial stability and your beloved pet’s life
  • increases the treatment options available to your pet
  • allows you to focus on the health of your pet instead of simply worrying about veterinary bills.

Pet insurance helps you protect your loved ones (and your wallet) from some of life’s most unfortunate accidents.



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