P2P is revolutionising the insurance industry. Learn all about how you, as a consumer, can benefit from this innovative product. 

In today’s interconnected society, where more and more transactions are being carried out online, many people have begun to question the relevance of old-style, traditional insurance approaches.P2P insurance is an innovative alternative that taps into a shared economy, uniting groups of like-minded consumers to achieve lower rates and a more transparent process.

The basic concepts are:

  • a group of friends come together to create their own insurance pool.
  • each member pays the amount agreed upon for the set period of time.
  • any claims made during this period are paid out using these funds.
  • claims are adjudicated by a group of pre-selected jurors from within the pool
  • if the claims don’t exceed the pool, individuals are refunded their money after the period is up.




P2P Insurance Puts You In Control

Besure offers P2P insurance; a bold and smart new way to protect the most important aspects of your life. Through community risk-sharing and protection, you’ll be able to participate directly and cooperatively in ‘self-insurance’ that guards you against some of life’s most challenging setbacks.

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3 Benefits of P2P Insurance vs Traditional Insurance

While traditional insurance companies may still be relevant among an older generation, millennials are showing great interest in offerings based on simplicity and personalization. Thus the shift towards peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance companies has begun.

Some of the incredible benefits of P2P insurance over traditional products include:

1. They provide a more transparent process.

By allowing individuals with similar insurance needs to group together, P2P offers a much clearer process. There is a greater sense of transparency because every member knows:

  • who is in the group
  • who is filing a claim
  • how much money there is left in the pool


2. Lower Premiums

Besides catering to the unique needs of millennials and other future consumers, P2P insurance companies are able to give their clients the advantage of lower premiums than those associated with traditional firms.

This is because the companies rid themselves of costs involved in spending advertising and employees, and instead invest it in reinsurance and paying claims.



3. Filing Claims is Much Easier

Many individuals find that filing claims with P2P insurance is a lot easier and payouts are often made in just a few minutes. Why? Because peer-to-peer companies are primarily digitally driven, it allows for streamlined processes that make for a better user experience that even the biggest players in the sector can’t match.


Why P2P Insurance Is So Effective



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