Besure is a P2P platform and an innovative method of self-insurance that allows Calgarians to protect their interests through community risk-sharing instead of using a limited traditional insurance policy. 

Besure is an innovative P2P platform that offers a real opportunity for community groups to be involved in their own risk management in a meaningful and engaging way. This type of self-insurance lets people to protect the things that matter to them, as well as allows them to:

  • come together as a community
  • agree on certain risks to be protected
  • have claims adjudicated by their own community members
  • set contributions for the risk coverage using best actuarial practices

Successfully Self-Insure With Besure

In life, the unexpected happens all the time. Now, Besure offers you a smart new way to protect the most important things to you, be it your family, beloved pet, or musical instrument. Through this P2P platform, you can participate directly in self-insurance and guard against any setbacks the future may hold.

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How to Join a Besure Pool

A Besure pool is a gathering of resources created and owned by you, together with people like you, to protect against a common risk, such as cellphone damage, loss of a musical instrument, or the health of your pet.


Begin Your Self-Insurance Journey By Joining/Creating a Besure Pool

Besure is a risk-sharing platform developed to facilitate the process of self-insurance amongst communities through advanced software. You can begin actively self-insuring by:


1. Joining a Besure Pool

The first way you can begin successfully self-insuring is by joining one of our existing Besure pools. Depending on whether the pool is open or private, you can join an existing one by:

  • Exploring our platform
  • Invite

If you do find a pool that you like, all you simply have to do is create a profile on the platform, upload any required documents/pictures and that’s it! You can begin enjoying the benefits of community risk-sharing.


2. Creating a Besure Pool

If you’ve taken the time to explore the platform and can’t find the protection you’re looking for, you can always create your own pool! As a host, you can:

  • suggest a pool (depending on what you want to protect)
  • have the team create it for you
  • open it up to the public or keep it private
  • invite your family, friends, co-workers to join

Why should you create your own pool? User-created pools work very well because of the pre-existing connection and sense of community. When you share risk with like-minded people who value the same things you do, you can be sure you’ll always be protected, no matter what.


Important Facts About Besure Pools

Before joining or creating a Besure pool, there are several things you should keep in mind. These include:

1. Our team has developed a currency that can be used in any pool on the portal. When you join, your funds are converted to this currency. Credits can be redeemed for cash anytime you’d like to make a withdrawal.

2. All claims are voted on by a group of jurors from within the pool. These are either volunteers or are randomly appointed.

3. A Besure pool needs a certain amount of members to activate coverage, so share your pool with members of your social network to ensure your pool gets activated!

4. Once a pool’s coverage period has lapsed, all leftover funds are distributed back to its members.


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