Besure is an innovative P2P platform that provides a fresh take on self-insurance by empowering individuals within communities to protect the things they value most, together. From creating a tailored self insurance policy to making claims, here’s how Besure can help you successfully self insure.

Besure is one of the very first companies to offer Canadians true peer to peer insurance by providing individuals with a platform through which they can come together as a community and protect the things they value most.


This innovative risk sharing platform allows you, with your pool members, to:

  • Decide on the risks protected
  • Have complete control over your self insurance policy
  • Enjoy a fair and quick adjudication process
  • Contribute to the risk coverage using best actuarial practices
Customised Self Insurance Policies That Always Work in Your Favor

Whatever your insurance needs, Besure’s P2P platform offers you an affordable, transparent, and efficient way to protect the most valuable things in your life, from your home and beloved pet to your expensive musical instrument.

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How Besure Facilitates Successful Self Insurance

Through risk-sharing pools, Besure offers a fresh alternative to insurance, free of the many drawbacks of the traditional insurance model. You can cover conceivably anything, as long as the interest for it exists.

Besure pools are created and customized based on user specifications, which include:

  • What item to cover
  • The cost each member desires to pay
  • The coverage amount they need
  • The policy period

3 Basic Steps of Starting a Besure Pool

Besure aims to provide customers with a convenient, transparent, and customizable insurance options. Joining one of the pools is a very simple process that can be completed in 3 steps:

1. Find or Create a Pool: To begin creating your self insurance policy, you must find a Besure pool that suits your specific needs. This can be done through an invite, exploring one of our existing pools, or creating your own.

2. Join a Pool: Once you’ve found a pool that’s right for you, you have to join it by becoming a Besure member. Once you upload any pool specific documents and pay the contribution amount, you can begin successfully self insuring.

3. Make a Claim: There may come a time during the policy period that you will have to make a claim. Once you fill out the simple, 3 step claim form, it will be viewed by a community court who will determine whether or not your claim should be approved.




Besure Facilitates The Entire Process to Ensure You Successfully Self Insure

As a pool grows, it can become more difficult to administer, especially when it comes to the claims process. Besure provides pool members with an easy-to-use, convenient, and intuitive platform through which they can submit claims, information, and contact other pool members.

By digitizing the insurance process and then wrapping it in a social media style format, Besure encourages:

  • Community engagement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Risk sharing and management
  • Risk distribution
  • Stability

How is Besure Different From Traditional Insurance?

Besure is different from traditional insurance companies because we are a risk sharing platform. We work because we are a community; our members share the same values and interests and share the same goal of seeing other pool members successfully self insure.


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