Are you looking for comprehensive protection for your valuables but are weary of traditional insurance companies? Here’s what you need to know how peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance and how it can benefit you.

Inspired by the concept of peer-to-peer (p2p) insurance and the experiences of individuals underserved by the traditional insurance industry, Besure leverages the power of social media to bring together family, friends, and peers, so they can collectively protect what matters most to them.

Unlike traditional insurance, Besure will:

  • Protect you against any risks, including the loss/damage of a smartphone, your wedding, a hole in one, the paranormal, or anything you can think of.
  • Give you the power of decision
  • Provide easier and faster payouts
  • Ensure a transparent process and lowers the risk of fraud

Besure’s P2P Insurance is Designed With You in Mind

Unlike with traditional insurance companies, Besure’s peer-to-peer insurance platform offers a risk-sharing service that works to take care of everything you value. With our P2P platform, you’ll have complete control over your insurance policy, so you can live more freely, happily, and creatively.

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How Peer to Peer Insurance Puts the Consumer First

Peer to peer insurance is a relatively new concept in Canada, and it’s challenging traditional banks by harnessing the power of social technology to bring together like minded individuals and give them more power over their policies.

Here are just some of the ways P2P insurance can benefit you:

  1. You’ll Enjoy Lower Costs

One of the biggest benefits of a peer to peer insurance platform is that it can significantly lower your premiums. Due to our online platform, Besure has stripped down the costs of running a very large company, and therefore has fewer costs, meaning you’ll be charged less for your premium.

  1. You’ll Be in Charge

The main aim of P2P, and of Besure, is to completely upend the traditional model of insurance in which the insurer defines the risk you pose, charges you a premium based on that calculation, and takes responsibility for that payout. In other words, strips you of all control.

On the other hand, by joining a Besure pool, you will be able to, together with your pool members, decide:

  • What you want to protect
  • How much you want to pay for that protection
  • The terms of your policy
  • Whether or not other members’ claims should be paid

Even better? If there is any money left over after the policy term has ended, the pool of customers can benefit from a refund.

  1. You Can Enjoy Greater Convenience and Speed

Traditionally, purchasing an insurance policy through a broker, was a huge hassle and it could take a long time. Often, customers need to submit an inventory of their possessions and wait as the company assesses their level of risk.

P2P offers a faster and more streamlined process

P2P insurance has arisen during the digital age, meaning that the process is much faster, convenient, and streamlined. Everything can be done online and you’ll only have to answer a few questions to receive your quote in minutes!

Bonus: You can even pay online and have the coverage kick in almost immediately.

  1. You’ll See Faster Payouts

With Besure, not only is it faster and easier to get coverage, but your payout will also be made much faster. For anyone who has had to go through the bureaucratic process of filing a claim and dealing with a traditional insurer, this advantage cannot be overstated.

Why are Besure’s payouts so efficient?

At Besure, we strive to leverage the power of community, which means that your pool will be made up of people who share the same passion as you, encounter the same risks, and understand exactly what you’ve experienced, meaning that the payout process will be much more straightforward.

In addition:

  • All pool members are carefully selected and share the same goal of seeing all individuals in the community successfully self-insure.
  • Before joining, all members pledge to assess claims in good faith.
  • Pool members pledge to abide by the values of cooperation and community.

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