InsureTech, at the intersection of insurance and technology, holds the potential to overcome the challenges of traditional insurance companies and transform the insurance landscape, greatly benefiting existing and emerging consumers. 

With the incredible advancements in technology, it’s a time of rapid and great shifts within many industries, and the insurance industry is no exception.


When it comes to insurance, InsureTech offers customers incredible benefits, such as: 


  • Great time and cost savings
  • Simplified and convenient underwriting 
  • Innovative new products and services
  • New insurance methods (eg. P2P insurance) 
  • More efficient and transparent claims processes 

Besure Utilizes the Concept of InsureTech to Provide More Affordable & Convenient Insurance 

Free of the many drawbacks of traditional insurance, Besure utilizes the power of technology to empower like-minded individuals, friends, and family members, to pool their funds together to protect the things they value most. 

Are you looking for risk protection that will ALWAYS work in your favor? 




What Exactly is InsureTech? 

InsureTech is a subset of FinTech. It is the innovative technology that lies behind the creation, distribution, and administration of the insurance business.


Some of the key features of InsureTech include: 


  • Smartphone insurance apps 
  • Claims processing tools
  • Online policy handling
  • Automated processing 
In addition, InsureTech is useful for collecting and analysing consumer data to provide a more personalized and better service to potential customers. 

Benefits of InsureTech 

InsureTech is transforming and disrupting the traditional insurance industry.
Some of the incredible benefits include: 
  • Insuretech empowers customers to take control of their insurance. Rather than settling for costly products that they don’t really need, consumers can now demand the products that will really benefit them. 
  • Insuretech better reflects the nuanced reality of a consumer’s everyday life, without forcing consumers to fit into the industry’s narrow definition of their needs. In addition, InsureTech makes the process of obtaining insurance much easier and faster. 
  • InsureTech provides more personalized service. AI technology can be used to provide a more tailored service for consumers, and can quickly summarize and present the most relevant and useful products faster than any human could. 
  • InsureTech provides insurers with detailed data about their customers. This means that they can develop and offer the right products at the right time. 


Insurance on the Go: Benefits of Insurance Apps 

One of the biggest advantages of InsureTech is that it has allowed the development of mobile insurance apps which customers can now download straight onto their smartphones. 


Such apps can allow you to: 


  • Receive an insurance quote
  • Apply for insurance 
  • File a claim 
  • Make small changes to your policy 
  • Check the status of your claim
  • Keep track of the payments made on your claim 

For emerging consumers, who are increasingly looking for faster, and online insurance services, a mobile insurance app gives them the convenience and speed they require. 


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