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Besure is a risk sharing platform developed to facilitate the process of self insurance amongst communities through our software.


Welcome to besure!

Besure is a risk-sharing platform developed to facilitate the process of self-insurance among communities through our software. Pools are initiated and managed by groups, organizations, and associations with shared risk. Besure, equips communities with the tools and framework to invite members, exchange ideas, distribute the risk of loss or damage and adjudicate their own claims. Besure's community is powered with a Virtual Actuary, a system designed to quantify premiums and minimum participation levels to ensure the pool's integrity. The overall objective of Besure is to help communities come together, so that they may, TOGETHER, protect what's important to them. There is a gap between what "can" be traditionally insured (car, house, life, health) and what people "need" protected. Besure helps communities close this gap for themselves.

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Is Besure for You?

What is Risk Protection?

The concept of insurance was designed to help people find peace of mind by offering them security. A safety net IF something were to go wrong such as an accident, a break-in, a sudden illness, or worse.  Insurance has done a great job taking care of these "big things." But what about the smaller things, like your SMARTPHONE, your GLASSES, or your favourite GUITAR?  Many of these items are not protected for loss or damage by traditional insurance and even if they are, you risk premium hikes and deductibles that are higher than the item’s value.

How Do Pools Work?

Our team of Actuarial "mad scientists" has designed the VIRTUAL ACTUARY, our very own AI, designed to determine the right amount of people and the right price required to launch a stable, secure pool.  Once a pool reaches the minimum amount of people, protection is activated. When claims are made, pool members are appointed to the community court to adjudicate claims. At the end of the protection period, whatever is left over, is returned to the community!  

Questions people have asked...

Here's a list of questions people have asked in the past.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, contact us anytime and we'd be happy to provide clarification.

How do I submit a claim?

You've already suffered enough, and we don't want to add to it. That's why we designed the claim submission process to be as pain free as possible. To get started, you'll click the "Submit Claim" button in your pool's details box. This will take you to the 3-Step Claim Submission Form. In Step 1, called "Explanation," you are prompted to input the amount of your claim, select the date on which the loss/damage/incident occurred, and to inform the jury of your peers (via the "What Happened" statement) of the loss you've suffered and to provide any details. Step 2, called "Evidence," is where you can upload the pool's specified claim requirement evidence (documents, pictures, or pictures of documents) with ease. Since claims are personal and sometimes emotional, please don't feel limited by what is required in Steps 1 & 2. If you have something to say, include it in the statement. Please note that all uploaded evidence is stored securely and will only be temporarily viewable by the Community Court. However, to preserve the highest degree of safety, you should redact any personal information from documents and pictures that you don't want made available to the Community Court.

How do I get started?

Poke around the website and see if you find any pools you would like to join. If you find one, make a profile, upload any required joining documents/pictures and boom, you're in! If you don't see any pools you would like to join but have a great idea, suggest a pool.

How is Besure different from an insurance company?

Besure is not an insurance company, agent or broker. In fact, it was inspired by the experiences of those ignored or under-served by the insurance industry. Besure is a community driven platform that leverages the power of social media to bring family, friends and like-minded people together to collectively protect what matters most to them. Through risk-sharing pools born from common passions or needs, Besure provides a fresh alternative to the traditional insurance model by empowering individuals within the rising sharing economy to cover conceivably anything so long as an interest for it exists. Best of all, there is no external involvement in the operations of a Besure pool. As a true social insurance platform, all members of a pool must share the same risks, have contributed equally, and have agreed to the same terms of use and pool bylaws. Therefore, if someone does not share the same financial and moral interest as the community to see the group empowered to successfully self-insure, they cannot join the pool or have a say in its claims decision-making process. This takes the power (originally held by faceless corporations) and places it where it belongs: in the hands of those with the most to lose and the greatest understanding of the risks, the people exposed to them. Our platform puts the community in total control of every aspect of the claim adjudication process. Who better to review your broken guitar claim than fellow musicians?

Besure is not in the business of selling or underwriting insurance, nor are we backed by an insurance company. We provide the platform and technology to facilitate community risk-sharing. Community coverage on Besure is backed entirely by the number of contributions in a pool. If the claims happen to exceed the contributions in the pool, the payments are proportioned and paid from the pooled amount. And if no claims are made, or if funds remain within the community pool, Besure's philosophy is (and will always be) to return that money back to the community. Besure makes sure the community always comes first.

How does Besure make money?

Besure requires no paid subscription to use. Only after a pool has been funded and launched, Besure holds 10% of that specific pool's funds for administration of the platform. We build the fee into all costs, so a member need not worry about any additional charges from Besure.

What is Besure and how does it work?

Besure is a bold and smart new way to protect the most important parts of your life. We all know life brings unexpected twists and hurdles. Your beloved pup needs expensive veterinary care. Your prized camera, the one you saved up for months or years to buy, is left on top of the car. Your portable device, with all its irreplaceable information - not to mention a few killer playlists - goes hurtling down the stairs. Besure helps you proactively guard against those types of surprises through community risk sharing - the coming together of like-minded individuals who value protecting the same things you do. Together, with your Besure community, you can participate directly and cooperatively in "self-insurance". Ultimately, it's the teamwork, support, and the spreading of risk between pool members that makes Besure work. To learn more, click the video below:

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